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  1. The St. Louis Tickets are gone. I FINALLY received the Louisville tickets. If anyone else has Will Call seats you need to send them a self addressed stamped envelope and then after an unreasonable delay they mail them out. Good Luck Anyway, I have the following seats for sale, will express mail them to whoever wants them. Paypal is fine. Row S Seats 203 and 204. If memory serves they are pretty nice. Face is $50.00 each.
  2. Sold out STL show, 2 at face value and Louisville, decent seats at face value. Email me cranstonguitar@gmail.com if you want. I can give you exact price location if you email. STL ticketmaster that can transfer, Louisville hard copies I can mail.
  3. The last Wilco Ryman was my first (and only second Wilco show) and that one was like a religious experience. Whole Love was new, the diapers hanging from the rafters with the light show, Nick Lowe to soften us up, different vibe altogether. This time it was more of a celebration. The entire house on its feet the whole night, two totally different sets both nights, might not have been a sellout but the place was packed. The bands love and respect for the venue was genuine, although they always seem gracious no matter the venue. This band loves their fans as much as the fans love their musi
  4. I did get one response but he did not confirm. Free wilco for the asking. Just got into town. Send me an email if you wanna go.
  5. Late in the game, posting this day of tuesday show. I'm traveling today, will arrive this afternoon around 2. There seems to be a LOT of people selling tix on Craigslist so any hope of unloading mine is useless. If you love this band as much as me and you are in close proximity to Nashville you can have my tix for either night for free. Email me cranstonguitar@gmail.com if you want.
  6. I bought my four day Lockn pass when they went on sale not knowing my coworker was getting married and planning her honeymoon for that week. Plan b was to fly down Friday and just go for the weekend and catch Wilco and the Allmans etc. decided instead to drive down Wed night and stay in a hotel about an hour away. I worked in the hotel until 5 on Thursday and then headed down. What a freaking zoo. The VIP and the aptly named Super VIP made this one of the more segregated fests I've ever attended and I've been to quite a few. I too weaseled my way to the front of the stage for Wilco and it wa
  7. I have one extra ticket to both shows, the 21st Row T seat, Section MF-8. The 22nd Row Q, section MF-6. Both are on the floor, copped them at the presale so they are pretty nice seats. I have the physical tickets from Ticketmaster. My email address is cranstonguitar@gmail.com if interested. Face value with service charges comes to about $65.
  8. Radiowilco, just sent you a PM with my email.
  9. It looks like I'll have an extra ticket to the MOCA show as my wife can't go. If you are interested let me know as soon as possible. I paid around $50. I will be going so we would have to meet up at the venue the day of the show. I've offered this ticket to friends but so far no takers. I live about 2 hours away from N. Adams.
  10. I have a VW with an IPod dock and I'm in my car for hours every day. When I am sick of listening to music this record is the one I turn to. I was there two days at The Ryman and the live versions blew me away. Jane Smiley is my happy place. Hearing that live in that cathedral moved me so much. If I am too fried to even listen to Wilco that's the song I turn to. I listen to all their records but right now I am in love with this one.
  11. Robertson seemed like a douche for killing the group but he had plenty of reasons. As the principal songwriter he was out of gas. That and the continuing slide of Manual's psyche and drug use kind of tilted the scales. If he owned the band he could have fired people like Jeff Tweedy but they were a musical partnership and he wanted out. As far as i know he never contested their use of the band name and various assembleges of the original members toured until Richard hung himself while they were on tour. I think his douchebag rep is unwarranted. I did see them in 1975 and it was an awesome show
  12. Avett Brothers in two days Wilco Newport Wilco MOCA Further July 5
  13. The Dead were a live band period. They fostered an environment where people were encouraged to tape and share. They also taped all their shows and the releasing of Dicks Picks has been an industry that lived on long past Jerry. Their studio albums were among some of the best of their era. Workingmans Dead, Ace (Weir solo actually a Dead record), and Wake of the Flood are all masterpieces in the way Whole Love is. To me Wilco and Old 97s are the best live bands out there and their studio albums pale in comparison to their live shows but thats only because live they are so amazing. Wilco is a
  14. I got mine today. I also have tickets to the Newport show. Going to be quite a week. My last Wilco was at the Ryman both nights in the fall with Nick.
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