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  1. I like the sound of "Pecan Pie"...comfortable.


    Food musta been on the mind of Jay or Jeff when naming "Pieholden Suite".


    "Spiders singing in the salty breeze"....?....that's a stretch.


    Chinese Apple.


    Hey Chicken (....hanging on a sour grape vine)


    A Slim Jim is referenced in "I Might".




    That's all I got. I think it's high time Jeff writes a song or 2 about food he loves. Chicago pizza, oatmeal with bananas, that Strawberry Pretzel salad that's popular around Thanksgiving....just throwing some ideas out there.



  2. On 2/1/2021 at 10:08 PM, u2roolz said:

    -- Susie mentions that Jason Bateman said that he loves Wilco on his podcast today. 



    This was from Bateman's "Smartless" podcast with Sean Hayes & Will Arnett. Darius Rucker was their guest, whom I found to be an entertaining listen. Bateman said how much he loved Wilco, and I believe it was Arnett who chimed in that Tupelo was one of his favorites as well. That spurred Rucker to say how much he liked Son Volt, namely their first record Trace.


    SIDENOTE: In the podcast, Rucker said how much he loves Barry Manillow. Not as a guilty pleasure, but just that he thinks he's damn good. I like that. And agree with him. 

  3. I drove people crazy with Summerteeth. I had liked the first two WIlco records plenty but seriously flipped out on Summerteeth. It's been an issue ever since, haha. Both of those records have a timeless quality & still hold up today. 




    I might have played Soft Bulletin, Summerteeth & Deserter's Songs (Mercury Rev disc out in late '98) every day for all of 1999. Pavement, Built To Spill & Sigur Ros also had really good albums out that year.

    Great album...



  4. "American Head" is out today. Beautiful record.


    I got thinking...has there been a better American band the last 25+ years?


    Yes, of course it's subjective. And yes, Wilco has a very good argument. I lean that way myself.


    There's something about the Flaming Lips quirkiness and resiliency and Wayne Coyne's optimism and hope that feels like the American spirit. I like his new quote in Rolling Stone:


    "I think the world is a wonderful, beautiful, insane place. I don’t think of the world as being this great punisher that’s here to teach us horrible things. Surely, there is a lot of injustice and there’s a lot of pain, but the world can really only be as beautiful as you see it. Two people can be standing in front of the sunset, and one of them just sees it as a waste of time: 'What are we standing here for?' And the other one sees it as the greatest experience they’ve ever had."


    Anyhoo. Music fans are lucky to have both bands creating good music for so long.


    PLEASED TO MEET ME (DELUXE EDITION) will be available as a 3 CD/1LP set and digitally on October 9! More than half of the music (29 of the 55 tracks) on this deluxe edition set is unreleased material, including demos, rough mixes, and outtakes, as well as Bob Stinson’s last recordings with The Replacements from 1986.



    See, not ALL of 2020 sucks.


    Paul Westerberg - Everyone's Stupid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XekZmUziETU)



    Thanks for reminding of this. Of course, it's on Westerberg's "49:00" record, which is SO good.


    My favorite is a 4:00 song near the end, "It'll Never Die". The guitar on "Devil Raised A Good Boy". "Goodnight Sweet Prince", so powerful. The disc starts with 2 classic-sounding Westerberg jangly pop songs, and ends with his son singing some sort of non-sensical lyrics on a great, blistering 2:00 track. 

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