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  1. I hear you about the aging- seems to blow by faster & faster too... just turned 60 on 4/20 this year myself. Until the next numerical milestone, we can always take solace by enjoying this quarter of a decade old oldie...
  2. Not only did they play ArtPark in Lewiston a couple times since the 2005 cited by the OP... Jeff Tweedy played Buffalo (full electric band) in 2014 (saw that one) & Ithaca, NY on that same tour (saw that one) & Wilco played Ithaca in 2015 (saw that one). Wilco also played Rochester in 2008 & 2012 (saw that one). Sadly I had to miss the gig in Chautauqua last night, but I'm glad it was a great one & here's hoping they play some more live dates later this year & some more in Western/Central NY too!
  3. I need a contact phone number to contact Wilco Management ASAP. Emailing hasn't worked. I had some crazy backstage pass package purchased for me last year (by someone now deceased) that has to be used by the end of 2023. I couldn't use it in time for very sad reasons. I am trying to reach the folks at Wilco to see if they will merely convert that into a few tickets for the tour closing show on July 5th. With the July 4th holiday fast approaching & lots of folks off on Friday, I gotta move fast on this. My email is "11johnlink11@gmail.com", my phone n
  4. Wilco: Hot Sun Cool Shroud EP Pitchfork Review (8.0) with lots of good info!
  5. I believe I just DM'd you here. I tried. Respond to this thread if you didn't get it. VERY interested & looks like I might be able to go.
  6. May be interested in the adult pass & the camping. Will know in the next day, or two at the most- might know later today & very hopeful...
  7. Anyone know which tracks have lyrics & which are the instrumentals? Figure some may have shown up on "The Tweedy Show" and/or "Starship Casual" & that folks here might know... Life circumstances have kept me from being able to keep up as much as I'd like... Maybe, someday soon (cue up the appropriate "Being There" track now)... aaaaaaand, mic drop...
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