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  1. Here is a demo of Paved Death - sounds good enough...are their no vocals in any of their songs?
  2. The album is currently streaming
  3. Damnit - I missed it by like an hour. Piss on it.
  4. I would love to play if there is a spot open - I clicked on the link and it said I wasn't allowed to view the page...
  5. Not the Conan Obrien "Twitter Tracker" discussion I thought it would be.
  6. As most have said - definately bring your kids to the show - it is a great way to make lasting memories with your kids! My son turned 1 year old this year and he has seen Andrew Bird, The New Pornographers, Brandi Carslile, Bon Iver, Cloud Cult, Brother Ali, Jake One and many other rappers at Sound Set 09 (local rap festival). All have been all ages, outdoor shows during the day. When he gets old enough to stay up late I will bring him to indoor shows too. As for hearing protection, we bough him a pair of kids ear muffs (Muffs on Amazon). Enjoy!
  7. MPR Story Twin Cities singer/songwriter Jeff Hanson was found dead in his apartment on Friday. He was often compared to Elliott Smith - and in my opinion was a very close second. I feel very fortunate that I finally got to see him April 30 at the 7th Street Entry. The show was unreal - I never got to see Elliott, so I am very lucky to have seen Jeff at least once. Jeff will be missed. You can hear a few tunes streamed on his website. RIP Jeff. Jeff Hanson's Website
  8. I went to this game on a whim because i was in Waukesha for work yesterday and my buddy scored us some sweet tickets. I had no idea Jeff was throwing out (one of the) first pitches and was shocked when I heard his name. He threw from the mound and threw pretty damn hard - and the pitch made it to the catcher (which the other first pitches did not). All in all it was a good first pitch considering how bad first pitches usually are. Based on that pitch he may get signed by the Brewers as their starting pitching this year has been awful
  9. I am a fan of their "pouchless tool belt"
  10. Not the same violin player - AC Newman's is Tara Szczygielski. Try saying that 3 times fast.
  11. Couldn't agree more - everyone loves them some Eddie Money - but some can't admit it I heard "Shakin'" the other day and was reminded of fond memories of seeing Eddie Money for free at town festivals and this kick-butt video: Shakin' And for Huey Lewis, come on, he was super cool in the day!
  12. Yeah, I did notice you weren't there - I usually see you up near the front at most shows. Nicole only sang on 3 songs, but she/they were unbelievable. It was a good turn out, but i don't know if it was sold out...but it was a crowded front floor.
  13. I have to agree with that piece o shite. And i may be chastized, but I also can't stand "Golden Years" by David Bowie - the song makes my skin crawl.
  14. Well last night solidified AC Newman's status as a pop God. He and his band put on a high energy show that was just as much fun as a New Pornographers show. Instead of Neko we got Nicole Atkins (my new rock star girlfriend ) for 3 songs who I immediately fell in love and the violin player was also cute. He played most of the new record and a lot of Slow Wonder - no NP songs. Some funny banter too - he said this was the best Minneapolis show ever - including those early Replacements shows! The Broken West was also good. Not as tight, but a very solid opener. If you get the chanc
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