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  1. Look at my signature! I haven't seen it in a few years!
  2. I think I'm going to have to try to make a road trip for the Friday show now, just so I can see this campaign come to fruition.
  3. It's been a long time since I've come around, but today is important. Isn't it strange, the things we associate with monumental moments in life? After all this time, whenever I think of Nat's passing, Jen's first post immediately flashes in my mind: jenbobblehead Posted 07 January 2008 - 12:00 PM What?! What?! Two words, or really, one word. But I can hear her say it, I can hear the tone of her voice even though I only read the words. It's forever linked with the news for me. I can't believe she would have been 40 today. She should be 40 today. I often forget that I never met
  4. Thanks for posting the link, Wendy. It really choked me up.
  5. I always looked at the puking as a migraine symptom. I think Jeff looks miserable during that argument, and I assumed it was more because of a splitting headache than a creative disagreement about where to end a track. I never thought it was edited to make Jay look like the cause. Interesting that some people took it that way.
  6. As if this morning wasn't great enough. That was freaking awesome, SS.
  7. Crap, I forgot about that last night! Thanks!
  8. I'm a little behind, but thanks for my new sig, guys. Oh and add me to the lip syncher list. I thought I was the only one.
  9. NEGATIVE. Thank god. Thank you all so much for your good vibes. I swear the swell of positive energy really does make things happen. I love you guys.
  10. This thread is here to express our sadness and send our condolences, and nothing else. Please keep in mind that there are friends and family visiting us, and that we are all here to grieve together.
  11. Woah, my brain cut out....that was not my first Wilco show, which was several years earlier, but still a great night. It's such a shame that it takes a tragedy to get someone the attention they always deserved.
  12. That's a beautiful story. Hang in there.
  13. That was a stellar show, and my first time seeing the band. I didn't truly become a fan until that night.
  14. He recorded his own version for "The Palace at 4 AM". I actually prefer him singing it over Jeff, especially after finding out they were his words.
  15. That's a beautiful tribute. I think we've found that it was not from surgery as one site reported, but in his sleep. The Sun Times article mentions that they'll be doing an autopsy. Ugh, it's all so unreal.
  16. Well that's as official as it can be, coming from Jim DeRogatis.
  17. For any family or personal friends of Jay who might be reading, my (our) thoughts are with you and Jay.
  18. Reading his MySpace post about his fears over his upcoming hip replacement surgery is very unsettling now.
  19. Here's the story: Seems like everyone is just linking to each other right now. I think "complications from surgery" is a new claim though, right?
  20. He's still listed in their artist roster, but I guess it's a possibility.
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