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    We don't do anything more interesting than travel & it's the best education you can get unless you're on a cruise ship or at an all-inclusive & never leave the property; oh, and few places are better than Hawaii; I love to cook; remember, body, mind & spirit, in that order; laugh; be good at what you do, no matter what; the WSJ is great for info but if you believe the editorial page you need to rethink your beliefs; music is my spiritual nourishment; if you get along with half the people you meet you're doing very well, and that's okay; when in doubt, Pinot Noit, preferably from Oregon (it used to be preferably French - how times HAVE changed);
  1. Can I get 2 for night 1 in New Orleans plz. hwhynxport@yahoo.com thanks kids.
  2. Need 1 good one for Atlanta. Thanks so much
  3. Are you offering to split as I only need 1?
  4. I need one for the pit in Atl please.. thanks in advance
  5. Yes but it's still 'Roo. Even having VIP, it's barely tolerable. If you don't have VIP, and you're over 30 & mature, you will hate it. We had tremendous connections, backstage access, free beer & water & some free food, and it was still a major hassle. The logistics are at times very difficult to manuver, meaning just getting from one stage to another presents problems. The VIP camping is at best okay. You walk a football field length to get a shower; the shower in the camper sucks. Period. If you take your own tour bus in, that would be the way to go. If you're thinking of the cam
  6. This was a pretty good show. Since I'm kinda old school, any show that ends with the double shot of Monday & Outta Site is alright with me. Definitely a quirky place. Sometimes I think that the quirkier it is, the more they get off, because, well, because Jeff said so lol. First time driving in from ATL, where I now live, to see a Wilco show. The drive back kinda sucked; it reminded me of driving back from 9:30 Club shows. Glad I blew off the MS show. At least set list-wise, it was not as good. I hadn't seen them since Merriweather, and imo that was just an okay show. I've noticed the b
  7. I usually only use the board to look for a tik but have read stuff on here for years. Now into my 30's on shows seen starting with the '97 Being There tour. Anyway, a few thoughts on the Beach Boys, who do seem to have a love/hate effect on people. First off, a few facts. Like them or not, they're American musical icons & Brian is legitimately a musical genius, savant, whatever you want to say. That outta the way, I had never seen them or Brian until the Smile Tour, when the reviews coerced me to go. Honestly, I thought that was pretty fabulous, and a solid handful of the excellent playe
  8. Dude, give it a rest already. Even as you contradict yourself, I get what you are saying & even agree to a certain extent. I won't deny that the slower songs do not move me the way the rocking songs move me - which is, I think, what you are really trying to say?. That's pretty standard for rock bands with me. But the method rarely works, especially on message boards. Last night's show ranks pretty high overall in the almost 35-ish I've seen. (On this tour) beats out night #2 in Jersey b/c there's no doubt that the crowd enthusiasm carried the day & took Jeff to the next level. L
  9. LMAO. Nevermind it went over the heads of 90% of the forum. Oh, BTW, I never saw that movie. ;
  10. FTR, Wilco regularly played 2.5 hour shows "back in the day." It was a topic of conversation between Stan the sound guy & I last night. Great to see these long shows w/ the acoustic segue, for sure.
  11. Red Eyed & Got You were on the setlist in the encore but not played. Can't Stand It & I'll Fight were also on it but not played.
  12. As a veteran of 31 Wilco shows, the first in '97, this one was a strange one. First, from the 5th row (equiv. of about 10/11th row factoring in the pit and aisle space), it sounded pretty close to terrible - a rare occurence at a Wilco show. Second, bizarre crowd, regardless of "why," & I am not snarking Savannah per se b/c it's a great, great city, but just not really that into it at all - and the band feeds off that. I saw that C'ville show, btw, a last show of a tour that was brilliant, so go figure on opinions. IMO it was far better than last night. Wish I could go to ATL but I am hitt
  13. It was electric, and Ryan played guitar for the 1st time since his accident. Pretty great show, especially juxtaposed against the Hiro show on Tuesday.
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