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Testing the new VC Board App for iPhone

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On a somewhat related note, it seems that iOS 4 being installed on iTouch 3rd gen devices is a major battery drain even in standby. The battery completely drains overnight in standby mode, which it never did before. Lots of buzz on the interweb here and here to name a couple. If anyone has a good / simple solution, I would be most obliged.

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Putting iOS4 on my 3GS iPhone was a major pain in the cock. I had to restore the phone completely and lost everything I had on it. It would try to back up for hours and hours and then fail. It took me the best part of a week to get the stupid thing back to where it was before iOSFuckery.

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Guest Speed Racer

Just downloaded the updated board app today, and now it won't work. Error message says: "bad URL".


Is it just me?


Nope, not just you. But, if you click the lower right-hand corner button, it gives you an option of returning to the search list or something like that, and then if you click the Via Chicago button it works again. So, after the error message, don't click out of the app, just navigate out of the error screen within the app, and navigate back into Via Chicago.


It doesn't work right, but it works.

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