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  1. Been a long time since I posted here. Playing this now and thought of this forum. This sounds way better to me now than it did on its release. Hello all.
  2. This place still going strong I see. Impressive when you think that the Facebook behemoth has steamrollered most internet forums.
  3. Listened to Sukierae today at work and this even it's been A.M. and Being There and now I'm here. So there's that....
  4. This place is still here.
  5. I really like it. Shades of early Bowie and Blur from some tracks. Less sprawling than 22 Dreams.
  6. Loving this track. Very early Rush vibe off it. Really looking forward to the album.
  7. All the metallers still here. That's good. I really liked that Metal Evolution actually. Was only shown here recently along with Headbanger's Journey.
  8. So, the general consensus is that the new album is a thumbs up then?
  9. It may not be a stellar Maiden song but I think he renders it quite lovely to be honest. Not many could make a ropey song sound better by covering it.
  10. Surprisingly enough, I am really enjoying this. Haven't listened to it in absolutely ages and it sounds great.
  11. Not my bag, musically speaking, but what a show woman. She was easily the highlight for me on the television coverage of Glastonbury.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikvpnY6YLXk&feature=related Another one gone too soon.
  13. I like this one too, Mills backing vocals on it are a little intrusive though and grating.
  14. That is fantastic. I am really loving what I have heard from the new album so far.
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