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No more email notifications

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I do not receive any notification for the threads I subscribed to any more.

I checked my settings and all is set properly, i.e. email notification for all new subscribed thread messages (daily digest).


Any idea ?



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This is a problem we are experiencing with the entire board, and not a problem with your settings. Bear with us, as we are working on an upgrade which should resolve this issue. We expect the upgrade to be completed within a week or two. :thumbup

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Guest LenClown

Me too.

I have a watched thread and have stated that I want email notifications. Im not getting the notifications. When I look at the thread the word "email" shows up next to a box. The box is not checked. Should it be? This is when looking at my list of watched threads. If I check the box, it doesnt stay checked.


Whats the fix to this issue? Thanks

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Hey Kidsmoke, LenCrown is almost certainly a bot. Like the other bots they're just pulling keywords from somewhere and trying to match with a relevant post from somewhere else. 

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