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TWEEDY — 6/17/14, Columbia, MO (Missouri Theater)

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Alas, I had to miss this one so I have no setlist to provide. But sources tell me that Via Chicago and Gun were among the highlights of the solo portion...


I suspect (hope) that a certain KCMO-ian (?) will be along shortly to provide some more details.

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Until this morning, I hadn't been reviewing VC commentary about these shows, but reading Paul's impressions of the Pabst show, I must whole-heartedly agree. The themes of mature love and mortality seem to be the thread that runs through the new songs. Interesting though how these themes have given deep poignancy to the old songs. Jeff sang Via Chicago alone on stage with such a vocal vulnerability and longing that tears ran down my face. I have heard many iterations of this song, and never have I been so moved. And if the snatches of lyric are any indication, Sukierae is a gorgeous love song to the resilient muse of much of Tweedy's writing.


My daughter is a percussionist, inspired as a 9 year old by a Glenn Kotche performance at her first Wilco show. Drumming has let her travel and perform on the Great Wall of China and Carnegie Hall. She is Spencer's age, and has followed his career as well as Wilco's. She was seriously impressed with his skill as a percussionist, and his early teacher is certainly evident in his style. It was delightful to watch the easy interaction between Jeff and Spencer. Last night was the epitome of Dad Rock.


Darin's setlist that Sarah snagged, and man what a treat to see him play:



Solo tunes from memory and in no order:

Radio King

Passenger Side


Gun ("I have played this song more here than anywhere else")

Via Chicago

New Madrid

Should Have Been In Love

Born Alone

Laminated Cat


Misunderstood sans mic.


The Handsome Family setlist was the same as Milwaukee.

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Complete setlist for posterity:

01 - Down From Above

02 - Diamond Light

03 - High As Hello

04 - Desert Bell

05 - Flowering

06 - Honey Combed

07 - World Away

08 - New Moon

09 - Summer Noon

10 - Where My Love

11 - Fake Fur Coat

12 - Slow Love

13 - Nobody Dies Anymore

14 - Via Chicago

15 - New Madrid [uncle Tupelo]

16 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart

17 - Radio King (Golden Smog)

18 - Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)

19 - Passenger Side

20 - The Ruling Class (Loose Fur)

21 - Should've Been in Love

22 - Gun (Uncle Tupelo)

23 - Born Alone

24 - Jesus, Etc.


25 - Wait For Love

26 - California Stars

27 - Misunderstood

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Wonderful review. Jeff's music is nothing if not deeply personal, and in my life as in yours, his songs have been connected to people and places and feelings. So gratifying to glimpse inside the heart of another kindred spirit of the Wilco sort!
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