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  1. Just wanted to add my 2 cents for the archives. I have been seeing Wilco live for nigh on 10 years now. To stand in the front row, dancing, singing and grinning like a fool at the singer who is singing and grinning back at me is the ultimate synergy, and the best reason for experiencing live music. Nels' new guitars, Glenn's mustache, the setlist, and Jeff's choice of footgear, all fall away for this innocent and simple transcendence. I love my friends and my daughter for sharing this night of sweaty fun, and for a band that is the best medicine I know. xo all y'all. You know who you are.
  2. Ha. I really miss this joint sometimes.
  3. I am having a surprisingly hard time with this. I am bereft and weepy. I can only express this here, where I feel safe. I posted this elsewhere yesterday. I thought you all should know: "He was the one you were attracted to if you suspected that you weren’t exactly from around here." That's kind of it in a nutshell. Watching The Man Who Fell To Earth when we were teenagers steeped the Bowie myth ever stronger. I am still not sure he wasn't an alien come to earth in search of water, creating his own reality as he went along. And then to peel off yet another layer to exit this planet. Somethi
  4. I have actually been thinking about witnessing that incident in Springfield, Missouri, in light of world events. It's frightening how quickly things can go awry. I'm sure there is now a bit of trepidation in the back of all performers' minds. Jesus, people are fucking assholes.
  5. At the Kansas City show, the night before Star Wars dropped, Tweedy was smiley the entire show. Smiley in a goofy, about to bust at the seams smiley. What a confident, gorgeous work.
  6. It was far too humid for any fluffing. The sweat was dripping in huge sparkling drips from Jeff's fret hand.
  7. I just thank God you were there as Jeff's lyrics coach.
  8. Jeff seems to be trying to piece that whole bit together. At the Columbia show he introduced Liam the same way, adding that Liam had just shown up one day with a suitcase and stand up bass, and that was pretty much how one got to be a part of the Tweedy family. Spencer quipped something I couldn't hear, and Jeff said yeah Spencer came out of his mother's vagina with a suitcase and stand up bass also, but then retracted and said it was in fact a Caesarean, so we shouldn't be concerned. Poor Spencer.
  9. Complete setlist for posterity: 01 - Down From Above 02 - Diamond Light 03 - High As Hello 04 - Desert Bell 05 - Flowering 06 - Honey Combed 07 - World Away 08 - New Moon 09 - Summer Noon 10 - Where My Love 11 - Fake Fur Coat 12 - Slow Love 13 - Nobody Dies Anymore 14 - Via Chicago 15 - New Madrid [uncle Tupelo] 16 - I Am Trying to Break Your Heart 17 - Radio King (Golden Smog) 18 - Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season) 19 - Passenger Side 20 - The Ruling Class (Loose Fur) 21 - Should've Been in Love 22 - Gun (Uncle Tupelo) 23 - Born Alone 24 - Jesus, Etc. Encore: 25
  10. Until this morning, I hadn't been reviewing VC commentary about these shows, but reading Paul's impressions of the Pabst show, I must whole-heartedly agree. The themes of mature love and mortality seem to be the thread that runs through the new songs. Interesting though how these themes have given deep poignancy to the old songs. Jeff sang Via Chicago alone on stage with such a vocal vulnerability and longing that tears ran down my face. I have heard many iterations of this song, and never have I been so moved. And if the snatches of lyric are any indication, Sukierae is a gorgeous love song t
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