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Jeff T. on Rolling Stone Now podcast

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good listen although it is really annoying that they edit it and remove blank space...

Yeah the pace of the conversation is totally unnatural. It removes some of the humanity.

Is that what they did? Yes, it was a disconcertingly speed-talking Jeff.

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Rolling Stone has an article about the 5 Things Learned about Jeff Tweedy in the RS podcast. Tweedy was asked if he believes in life after death:


"All of the theories of what could happen like reincarnation or heaven, none of them seem as implausible to me as being here - like, actually being alive is just as weird. Like where were you? Now you're here. So that's enough for me to maintain some sort of open mind."


I like Jeff's answer. I'm Catholic and have never really doubted an afterlife. But I have a friend who's hardcore atheist...I think Tweedy's quote might even make my friend give some pause for thought on the subject. Doesn't surprise me that Jeff would have a thoughtful & interesting reply to that question.

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