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Jeff Banter Corner Consolidated?

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Hey Everyone, I have a friend who I finally got to see Wilco last Friday in Boston. Needless to say he resisted and now is a card carrying member. He was particularly surprised and amused by Jeff's banter, especially re: the guys in the front row with their half gallon cans of Bud Light. I've been pulling Jeff Banter out of the individual show reports, but I'm wondering if there's a consolidated collection of Jeff's banter out there? Thanks.  

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Many years ago - 


We were going to put such a thing together by way of lifting Jeff banter out of AUD files. But we never did it. I would think these days such things would be found on YT. Or put up on YT if such a thing was created. I believe there are several Paul Stanley videos of such things. And I am also thinking of a Led Zeppelin live show site that cataloged what Robert Plant said at shows. I believe they were called "Plantisms". Finally - I also seem to recall Crowesbase tracks such things. Or used to - when the Black Crowes were active. Of course - the word is they will be touring again next year. 

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If I have any claim to fame here, I would like to think it's popularising the phrase 'Banter Corner' - based upon Compost Corner from 1980s cult (by which I mean it was watched by students & adults like me at the time) Saturday morning kids TV show 'Tiswas'. It built up a fan club of admiring celebrities who were happy to join in the (usually) slapstick, low budget, hardly rehearsed and often ad-libbed fun.


So, if anyone is interested, here you can see members of the Who and Genesis appearing on Compost Corner. Obviously it hasn't aged that well, but it still has fond memories, and given that Thatcher was in power at the time anything to raise a smile was welcome.





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