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See you in San Diego?

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Yeah, at the memorably named "Cal Coast Credit Union Open Air Theatre at SDSU"!


If the students haven't got a nickname yet for this place, they need to get right on that!

Anyway, I'll be there and I'd love to meet up with any VCers in attendance. My seat isn't terrific...in Section B, row J, #22...but I don't even care. I get Wilco and this joy is enough!:party:wub

I just checked...the last time I saw Wilco at Cal Coast CU Open Air Theatre was August 27, 2007. Susie and the kids (Sammy, 7 and Spencer, 11) were in the row just ahead of us with Uncle Danny. 

It's a nice venue. I have warm, fuzzy memories of Jeff pointing Susie out as he intro'd & dedicated ITMWLY. And as he chided her to clap along, her muttering cheerfully, "Oh I'm not clapping along.":lol

She was busy; Sammy had fallen asleep in her lap.

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Not me, but my oldest son will be there (my daughter was at the show Wednesday at Red Rocks).  If you see him - he's a big, friendly guy - tell him I said "hey!" :)  Have a great time!

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I'll be there.  Section AAA, Row 6-- all the way Patside.  As of yesterday, someone had the seats right next to mine up for resale at $745.00 plus fees, each.  (My ticket cost $92.75.)  If anything, they should be discounting the tickets for having to sit next to me...

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I grew up here, saw a lot of shows there but none in over 30 years! It will be cool and weird to return!


David Gilmour in ‘83

Stevie Ray Vaughan with Bonnie Raitt opening in ‘86

Ratt, Fastway, Zebra in ‘83 hahaha!

The Animals in early eighties too

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