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The World Cup (It's all about Wales you know)

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First time for us since 58. Interesting group with England, Iran and USA. Shame it has to be at the worst host country ever, but that it our lot.






The official version 





The sparks start flying on the 2 minute mark.


Then we've still got the national anthem up our sleeve. 



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A fair result. We were so nervous and disjointed in the first half. Let's hope we both beat England but can't see us both qualifying - may end up on goal difference between us to get out of the group.


Bale was in the same class in Cardiff Whitchurch High School as Sam Warburton - British and Irish Lions rugby captain, and the year above was Geraint Thomas - Tour de France winner. Give that PE teacher a medal.

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The long awaited England - US match was deadly dull. I really hate 0-0 matches. I guess it's the American in me. That match was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. BTW: even though I'm not a huge soccer fan I am an Arsenal supporter. I have a friend in England that got me hooked. My friend got attacked returning from a match & was in a bad way. I got in touch with the club & they were so awesome! I even got all the way to Arsene Wenger! Wenger himself wrote my friend a letter which gave him a boost when he really needed it. Top notch & classy organization!

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Sorry USA (even though my sister lives there now after marrying an American) and given the Welsh chances are slim to none, I am now switching support to my second team. I visited in 2019 and they are a lovely, lovely people. Go Iran!


"The power of the World Cup strikes like a bolt. The sound of the Iran national anthem being booed and whistled by Iranians before kick-off against Wales and the sight of Iranian women and men left distraught afterwards is incredibly moving. It serves as another rebuke to the pathetic appeal by Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, for everyone to “stick to the football”. Security guards following orders confiscate an Iran fan’s football shirt that has “Mahsa Amini 22” printed on the back, the name and age of the woman whose death in police custody sparked the ongoing protests in the country. Shame on Fifa. There are reports of fans being arrested for carrying flags opposed to the Islamic republic and for banners with the protest slogan ‘Women, life, freedom’. Shame on Qatar. Iran players somehow block out the powerful distractions to produce an emotion-charged victory."


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