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Wilco — 8 April 2023, Reykjavík, Iceland (Harpa Center [Eldborg Hall]) [Night 3 of 3]

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Again, I will have to circle back to this — all of those waterfalls and other sights of natural beauty won't see themselves, after all — but suffice it to say that if there was one overarching theme of tonight's third and final Wilco show at the Harpa Center this week (and fourth overall in Iceland), it was gratitude. Jeff once again took time out to specifically thank the small portion of the Icelandic audience that was actually from Iceland for "sharing your beautiful country with us" and generally just seemed to convey his and his bandmates' pleasure at the opportunity to come to a place they hadn't been before and share their music in a lovely new setting.


That gratitude even extended to the evening's "Best Behaved' trophy presentation, which went — without debate — to an American woman named Lila, who many longtime fans of the band know and who spearheaded the "Wilco In Iceland" Facebook group that provided so much good information and connected so many people leading up to and during this trip. Congrats, Lila!


And then, as if to return the band's gratitude, another audience member apparently had a replica of the statuettes the band is handing out made and proceeded to award it to the band (with the nameplate "Best Behaved Band Wilco Tour 2023" or something like that). Well played. Jeff seemed genuinely surprised as he accepted the award and joked that "you know there are six of us, right?" before adding that they would take turns having it on their respective mantles. I believe Nels eventually became the first to receive the honor after his solo on Impossible Germany. "I think there should be more awarding of trophies between bands and (their) fans," Jeff quipped.


Once again, the script for this show had largely been written during the previous mini-residencies in Chicago and Port Chester leading up to this Iceland run, and the band overwhelmingly stuck to the plan that had been laid out during those shows. So for those who have been following along, there wasn't much setlist drama for Night 3. But then again, very few in the sleek Eldborg Hall seemed to mind. It was another one of those nights when what was played wasn't nearly as important as how it was played and the vibe in the room while it was being played...


More to come, perhaps, as time allows...


For now, here was the complete setlist as played for the third and final night at Harpa:


At Least That's What You Said

Spiders (Kidsmoke)

The Universe

I Am My Mother

Cruel Country

You Are My Face

Whole Love

Mystery Binds

Side With The Seeds

One And A Half Stars

Tired Of Taking It Out On You

Impossible Germany

Sunken Treasure

Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season)


Jesus, etc.

Either Way

Hate It Here

Dawned On Me


The Late Greats

Heavy Metal Drummer

A Shot In The Arm

On And On And On

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