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Is there really not a Band of Horses thread in here somewhere? I'm a big fan. Saw them the other night for maybe the 8th or 10th time. They never disappoint. Ben is an incredible front man. Genuinely very grateful and interactive.  Total "guitar band" that I think get overlooked in that regard. Tons of sound live. Aside from "Mirage Rock" all of their albums rate very close for me...tough to pick a favorite. If there is already a Band of Horses thread in here please forgive me...if there is already a Band of Horses thread in here and I started or commented in it please ridicule me. 

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I remember them discussed a lot way back. There was some Wilco connection - maybe they supported Wilco at some point I seem to vaguely remember.


Anyway, if you prefer to use this (one of several topics they had back in the day) , there is this 

 but it peters out a long time ago as there is nothing wrong with a new topic now.

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On 8/16/2023 at 6:57 AM, kidsmoke said:

Thanks for the reminder, I've meant to listen to them but (like so many!) haven't quite gotten to. Where to begin?



For me the band's third album Infinite Arms is their best - an absolute gem.  The first two albums Everything All the Time and Cease to Begin are also very good - but I think the quality dropped off after that.  Seen them live a couple of times and they are great.

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