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It is with deep regret that I pass on some news I heard on the grapevine


Lotti died in a tragic friendly fire harpoon incident last week. There is some softening of this deep blow to know that she passed as she would have wanted - face down in an icehole.

She also had the solace of knowing that her campaign to link the (minor) success of Jeff Tweedy and Wilco to the influence of the Swedish megaband ABBA had found final recognition in the writing and words of Jeff Tweedy himself in recent months. If is good to know that she lived to see that.

Family and friends gathered on Tuesday for the wake. I don't think they are functioning again yet - give them a few more days if you want to pass on any messages.

She will be sadly missed by Olsen, her postman, and that bloke who hangs around the back of the village bus stop around twilight. The Professor from Stockholm also broke off his current lecture tour to travel to the village specially (his Only Fans page is down for a week of mourning in case anyone is having trouble getting through there now), but perhaps most touching was the bouquet sent by Benny, Bjorn, Frida and Agnetha. They never forget their own.


Farewell Lotti - the door to your sauna was always open (as long as you had your own towel).


Much missed by many around the world (except Denmark),



P.S. Raising a glass of schnapps to you tonight for sure! (Sorry Lotti, I can't manage the full pint).



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