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  1. I read an interview with White where he says he feels like he could be Bob Dylan's son. He respects Dylan greatly and I think he borrowed or was inspired by how Dylan kept himself somewhat a mystery...maybe partly accident, but I think Dylan did a lot of it purposely. But White seems to have taken to a different level, with the way he set boundaries and rules for the Stripes like only having 3 colors and 3 instruments, the way the Raconteurs presented themselves, the blue tones he's chosen for his solo album and tour, and how he always seems in character when in the midst of touring. I think i
  2. I think the new record is pretty bad ass. Anybody else heard it yet?
  3. "Meh" is way harsh to me. Different strokes.
  4. Anybody hear the resemlence? It was the first thing I thought of when I first heard the song "Blunderbuss".
  5. There's nothing to come at you about. It's your opinion. What does "rock-godesque" mean. That's a bad thing, right?To me, "Blunderbuss" is anything but predicatble. Of course, you'd have to listen to it first to decide if what I'm saying is true.
  6. I've been listening to Jack White's new album Blunderbuss on iTunes (my first impression is VERY good by the way), and noticed a resemblance between the title track and the Mermaid Avenue tune "One By One". Musically, it's got a similar sounding waltzing cadence. Jack White's vocal makes it a very different song, and I'm not claiming it's a rip-off, just curious what other Wilco fans think of the similarity. Interesting also is that the final song on Blunderbuss is called "On and On and On", though it sounds nothing like Wilco's Sky Blue Sky track, but is perhaps equally good.
  7. "The Unauthorized Biography of Reihold Messner" Rocky 1 soundtrack Meat Puppets
  8. Name something Rush has said that's more offensive than Louis CK's comments about Pallin.
  9. Rush is a very hard-working, successful radio ENTERTAINER. He just happens to have Conservative opinions, and tries to illustrate them in humorous, sometimes controversial ways. He's no different than Howard Stern or Don Imus or Jim Rome. Nothing he's said EVER is as offensive as many of the Left-leaning comics and entertainers who spout off regularly.
  10. Rush said, "What does it say about the college co-ed Sandra Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex, what does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute…She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex. What does that make us? We’re the pimps.” Using the word "slut" is a bit harsh of course, but his point is DEAD-ON. Fluke goes to a Jesuit school and expects the school to have her birth control p
  11. For Jeff's (and the band's?) health and sanity, it was a good thing for Jay to not be in Wilco and seemed like it had to happen. I personally think Jeff is way more of a "my way or the highway" type of creative person than he comes across, but at the same time, it seems as if Jay leaving had much more to do with Jay than Jeff.But as a fan, who can only listen to records and very occasionally see a band live, all I really care about is what I can hear. Being There, Summerteeth, YHF, and the Mermaid discs, to me, are the pinnacle of Wilco's output. And I know Jay contributed a lot to what I hear
  12. Excited to hear more Son Volt. Been listening to Straightaways and it sounds so great. I fear Jay won't ever be able to match the greatness of the early Volt records, but I know there will be great moments. Only kinda excited about the Guthrie album. Wilco and Bragg set the bar pretty high...not that the albums should be compared, but will be impossible not to. I liked the mix of personal/human songs (Wilco) and political songs (Bragg) chosen on the Mermaid discs. Curious what the lyrical vibe will be on this one.
  13. I think Pat's very talented, and his credited bridges on 3 "Whole Love" songs (especially Dawned On Me)...which really help make those songs more than just a "good" pop song...are the types of things that Jay Bennett was so brilliant at. But I think Jay was a very special musical talent and wouldn't put Pat in Jay's league.
  14. Just A Kid and Always In Love must have been great to see. And Side With the Seeds...nice!
  15. I agree with a lot of your post, but I kind of understand or accept the reality of the situation.I also loved the early Wilco shows, but at the same time appreciate what they can do now. The shows with Bennett will be forever un-matched to me...there was a mystery about the guys on the stage and Jeff always looked on edge back then. It really made for an intense show. And one my favorite all-time shows was in St. Louis, shortly after Bennett was announced to be gone, and it was just Jeff, John, Glenn and Leroy. I wasn't sure how they were gonna play the songs, but loved how they did.But I give
  16. Late chiming in, but a really fantastic show....Nick Lowe and Wilco both. Lowe's set was greater than I expected..."Lately I've Let Things Slide" and "Allison" were the highlights for me. Just about a perfect mix in the setlist from Wilco. They understandably stayed heavy on The Whole Love and all those songs sounded great, especially Dawned On Me and Standing O (those songs should be staples here on out). And the sampling distribution from the other records was nice If I had to pick 3 highlights, I couldn't. So I'll try to pick 4: - Less Than You Think (surprising opening song and sound
  17. I think Crow Daddy has every right and reason to feel as he does. Sounds like Dallas got the shaft for whatever reason. Nathan J., I personally would love to see a pre-YHF only show, but am OK that they're heavy on newer material....they need to play what excites them. But Being There and Summerteeth are getting absolutely abused so far on this leg. By my count, after 2 shows: A.M. - 1 song per show Being There - 1 song per show Summerteeth - 1 song in Dallas only
  18. I think almost every Wilco fan would be a bit disappointed in that set. Wilco played just 2 songs pre-YHF and didn't sprinkle in any mild surprises (songs like Magazine, Hell is Chrome, Pot Kettle Black, Lonely One, Candy Floss, How To Fight Lonliness, Airline To Heaven, Secret of the Sea, etc...). The planned encore would have spiced things up a lot, so maybe a curfew or bad crowd prevented that.
  19. Wilco's hard work and stellar output has earned them clout over the years. I actually think their name is bigger than most "alternative" artists and is what could get them a nomination. Wilco's been nominated once each for 2 different musical categories (Sky Blue Sky/Best Rock Album and Ghost is Born/Best Alternative Album), so it's anybody's guess where "The Whole Love" gets slotted. I'm guessing they DO NOT get a nomination, mostly because the competition is loaded with either bigger names or better records (whether that's perveived or actual is up for debate in most cases): Bon Iver, Fl
  20. Not trying to be snarky. Just figuring out where you're coming from. If Wilco had quit months ago and R.E.M. was on tour and played a cover of "Jesus Etc.", and if I was at that show, it would have been the highlight of the night. I love R.E.M. Love how they play their songs. Don't need them to play covers. But if they did, it would have freaking awesome. I love Wilco live. Tremendous. But I could sacrifice the 10th time live I've seen them play "I'm The Man That Loves You" in exchange for a song I've never heard them sing. Or better yet, I'd gladly sacrifice the Nick Lowe covers. Live
  21. How so? 'Cause you don't like R.E.M.? You think it's lame? It's beneath the almighty Wilco? I think it'd be a touching tribute. I doubt they do it either, but it'd be the highlight of the show for me if they did.
  22. Just a fantasy likely, but I think it would be amazing, and a nice tribute if Wilco played an R.E.M. song in its upcoming batch of shows. There are many ties between R.E.M. and Wilco over the years and I'm guessing a big majority of Wilco fans are also fans of R.E.M. I'll be going to a Wilco show in their December run and will pray for an R.E.M. tribute. Would that be the coolest or what?! (In my fantasy, Wilco breaks out a ripping rendition of Wake Up Bomb, Crush With Eyeliner or Bang and Blame...I think Wilco would destroy on a glam-rock song.)
  23. Fun to read through this. I agree with many. I like Hotel Arizona's end jam, Tweedy's shredding on At Least That's What You Said, Jeff's guitar playing on More Like The Moon, and I've always LOVED the guitar Jeff uses on Future Age on the "Sunken Treasure - solo" disc as well as many of his solo shows. I've longed wished Jeff would play a solo acoustic song during a Wilco show.
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