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  1. Willard Grant Conspiracy, Son Volt, Handsome Family, Sun Kil Moon.
  2. Whoever hacked the site better be looking over their shoulder for an angry dude in a sombrero and a fake moustache. Stratoman
  3. condolences from Madison, WI
  4. I yelled for "Windfall" and for "Route" before. He was, to put it midly, a bit befuddled. That was until other people started yelling for Uncle Tupelo stuff, so the person next to me and I started to combine songs. We were yelling for songs like "Via Medicine Hat", "I am trying to break your 6-string belief", and "Heavy Metal Whiskey Bottle." He smiled at that one.
  5. Age - 42 Occupation - Front Line Leader with a large insurance company headquartered in Louisville, KY I live near Madison, WI I dig Wilco, UT, Son Volt, Jay Farrar, BRox, Neil Young, Beatles, Monkees, Kate Bush, Sun Kil Moon I have a scar on an elbow that I broke catching a shoplifter while I was on vacation in Portland, OR, almost twenty years ago.
  6. And Farrar's mail. Seriously, go to the Farrar board and do a search for comments that Brian Henneman (neverwonagrammy on the board) has said about the book, and about the Farrar-Tweedy relationship. Far more enlightening than the book, and funnier, too. Especially the stories of driving the green van cross country.
  7. My bad. You're right. Standard tuning w/capo on 2.
  8. Tweedy plays the lead with a capo on the first fret. The others are in standard.
  9. From http://www.rejectedunknown.com/tabs/tabs.htm , which is Daniel Johnston's website (he's the guy who wrote it - check him out): True love will find you in the end - corrections by Sander P G True love will find you in the end c G Youll find out just who was your friend Em Am Don
  10. It's in drop D with the capo on the 2nd fret.
  11. Has anyone been able to get into the site in the last few days? I hope it's not gone for good.
  12. Thanks. I knew it was out there somewhere, just couldn't remember where.
  13. I found a couple of versions of it online, but the one on altcountry.com is incomplete and the other version (the URL escapes me at this moment as I'm at work) doesn't sound right. I'm hoping that someone has a good version tabbed all the way through.
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