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  1. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts -- it means so much to me, and i'm glad I reached out to my VC family. I'm surrounded by many family and friends, and just learning how far Chris cast his net of friends. He was a wonderful, complicated and caring man, and leaves a huge abyss in the hearts of hundreds of people he touched.
  2. I haven't been here much recently, but I had to share with my Wilco family the heartbreaking news that I lost my beautiful son Christopher in a motorcyle accident Sunday night. He was on his way home from a concert in Saratoga where I had recently seen Wilco with Dylan. My kids, like so many of yours, were raised on an endless Wilco soundtrack, and VC brought wonderful people into my family's life. We have created a benefit fund to help Chris' three beautiful children, including a new 8 week old baby. If you're inclined to help or just leave good wishes, you can do so at http://fundly.com
  3. Hi Donna -- maybe this is the year we meet! I'm working Sat/Sun, and I'll be looking for youse guys at the VC table.
  4. True, but he built an amazing public radio network hereabouts! Beats any other I've heard, hands down, including DC, Boston, LA. Plus they use Wilco music on their intro's/outro's.
  5. Helloooo VC, long time no see. For anyone in need of a roof and running water, I am in Troy, NY about 45 min - 1 hour from North Adams. Have a free bed and a couch to offer. I'll be volunteering at the festival (don't know my schedule yet). Also have a primitive camping spot available right on the NY/MA border in Petersburgh -- about 20 minutes from North Adams? No phone, no lights, no motorcars. Well, not really, bring your motor car, by all means. Off the grid. Just putting it out there if anyone is in dire need of a place to crash.
  6. I am scanning the western horizon .... holler when you come thru Troy! I'll be searching for you manana!
  7. I would request that the next stage lighting design NOT include the bright interrogation spotlights behind the band -- that was pretty distracting. I did love the flickering tubes tho!
  8. Dear Analogman: just sayin', ...
  9. maybe that was rehearsal for the solo show?
  10. I'm still in my usual post-Wilco haze of bliss. Pure Wilco magic!. Thank you Wilco, and Mass MOCA, and all the artists, and the town of North Adams, and the volunteers. Bravo! One funny thing, on the way out of the event on the "D" bus, every single person thanked the driver as they exited the school bus. She was chuckling about it. I imagine Wilco and their fans left a very positive impression on the locals. Imagine if all those buildings were full of art -- it would take as much time to absorb as the Met! I missed Pat's Polaroid exhibit -- hope he displays it online sometime! Th
  11. great pics -- thank you! I loved the high five guys on the bridge! The volunteers high-fived everyone walking into the field for Jeff's show -- very typical of the staff attitude throughout the venue.
  12. Review from the Albany Times Union. August 15, 2010 at 9:41 am by Greg Haymes By GREG HAYMES Special to the Times Union NORTH ADAMS – From its very conception more than a year and a half ago, the Solid Sound Festival has been about the integration of music and art, and on Saturday afternoon at MASS MoCA it all came together beautifully. The Vermont-based a cappella trio of women known as Mountain Man raised their voices and offered an impromptu performance in the museum’s largest gallery. There was political theater in the museum courtyard as Bread & Puppet Theater performed
  13. yes, chance of showers and possible thunderstorms.
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