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  1. The Bee Gees - 'Run to Me' The Beach Boys - 'Kiss Me Baby' The Kinks - 'Where Have All the Good Times Gone' (note: will change tomorrow, most definitely)
  2. She's probably in the thread somewhere, but I don't care. One of the original RSGFs PS: That's Patti Boyd btw...
  3. Yep - def. him. As for the box set - take it from the man himself And as for the site itself - how awesome stuff must there be on there where even the guy the site's in honour of feels as though he needs to download from it?
  4. Damn sexy RSGF playing pretty much the sexiest model of guitar ever... awesome
  5. See, this is something I've heard for years now and it's an argument that's fine for an individual, but on the whole I don't buy it one little bit (no offense!). If there was a general consensus on what the crap songs were and what the greats were then it would be fine - but that's not the case. You'll have as many people get themselves ready to stand in front of a tank to defend something along the lines of 'Cherry Lane' from Cold Roses - and you'll get others who'll say that it's filler which distracts from the rest of the album. We hear so many stories about how the record industry is c
  6. Here you go; http://www.nodepression.net/blogs/news/200...hiskeytown.html Deluxe reissue of Whiskeytown album due in March Longtime No Depression subscriber Dean Dauphinais asked, and we thought the rest of you might be interested as well, so here are some details about the Deluxe Edition reissue of Whiskeytown's 1997 album Strangers Alamanac, due out March 4 via Geffen/Universal. Disc One of the two-disc set will feature the original album plus five tracks recorded live on Los Angeles radio station KCRW on September 10, 1997. Three of those tracks are album cuts ("Houses On The Hill",
  7. Only just really got into these guys in the past year. 1. Xmas Curtain (love the 'Okonokos' version) 2. Mahgeetah 3. O Is the One That is Real Looking forward to many, many more brilliant albums from Jim and the boys...
  8. Not really surprised by too much this year (well, nothing on the level of Lindsey Buckingham's Under the Skin from last year). Biggest disappointment is an easy one; Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81 After loving Howl to death, this one was just appalling.
  9. I always thought Jimmy was referring to full song outtakes. Pretty much every full song recorded by the band has been released. Sure there's a crapload of demos and live tracks that could be used - there's no 'Blind Willie McTell' lying in the vaults waiting to be discovered.
  10. Cheers for trying Sean. Honestly though, as much as I didn't expect them to be coming back to Australia so soon, my expectations that they'd come back to Perth as well were even less. But oh well, at least I got to see the show earlier this year (which was about as wonderful as anyone could ever imagine).
  11. So many power-pop classics qualify; 'Precious to Me' - Phil Seymour (2:53) 'Baby's Coming Back' - Jellyfish (2:57) 'Valerie Loves Me' - Material Issue (3:09) But ditto to whoever said 'Don't Worry Baby'. As perfect as music can be.
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