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  1. I know a few people last time made arrangements to fly over east from Perth to attend shows (i know i did!). So I thought i would get some sort of indication from the bands management regarding whether a Perth show is likely. The answer appears not but you never know...! For those who know Perth, I wasnt disappointed not going to the Fremantle Show at the Metro. A crap venue plagued by poor sound on every occassion ive been there (ok only twice!) The two venues i recommended were The Fly By Night in Fremantle (yes small an intimate but imagine a Jeff Tweedy solo show there!! or a residenc
  2. Hawkwind - Space Ritual (Remastered CD Version from mid 1990's) The most complete (2cd) recording that i never get tired of and always seem to find something new in it. Not bad after 29 years when i first bought it in 1978 on vinyl. I bought it after hearing Silver Machine for the first time and watching a documentary on Michael Morrcock which featured Hawkwind. Silver Machine of course isnt on it. It was originally released in 1972. Sean in Oz
  3. Ive got it. Excellant album . Reminds me a lot of Car Wheels be with an Essence sound if that makes sense? Recommended release. Sean In Oz
  4. Candy and Matt, I in the same boat, flying from Perth to the Melbourne show. I agree its annoying when not announced all at once. On the plus side - I think you will agree the Metropolis in Fremantle is probably the worst venue in Perth imo. Shit sound system designed for a nightclub not music. I saw Gomez there and sound horrendous. Also a plus is Calexico are playing in Fremantle on 1 March at Freo Arts Centre. Now they are a hot band. Wilco and Calexico Tours of Oz, im in heaven! All i need now if for some promoter to agree to book Hawkwind. I tried to get them for the Big Day Ou
  5. Calexico Hawkwind (still going!!!) Ryan Adams & Cardinals Bob Dylan & His Band Robyn Hitchcock & Venus 3 (based on current release)
  6. Went to see Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 (Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Bill Riefin) at Fremantle on Friday. Was Excellant!! Recommend for others in Oz to see them on tour. Scott is such a nice guy, he stood out front supporting the support band and afterwards gave his time freely chatting to anyone around. I bought the album at the show Ole Taruntuala, a recommended purchase! Thanks to Robyn and the Band for coming to West Oz!! Sean in Oz
  7. They are touring Australia in October!!! Yippee Anything interesting in their set list? Sean In Oz
  8. Anyone manage to get the free DVD with there version? As usual i get a release on day of release and miss out on a later promotional version not released here in Australia! Sean in Oz
  9. You Don't Need A Weather Man to Tell you which way the Wind Blows (Subterreanean Homesick Blues) Mr Dylan What are your songs about? .......ummmm about 3 minutes i think (Paraphrase Interview 1965) Mr Dylan How Many Real Protest Singers are there? ....umm 137 i think (Paraphrase Interview 1965) Someting is Happening But You Don't Know What It Is, Do You Mr Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man) Theres just so many!!!!!
  10. Wilco, Beck, Sonic Youth on Harry Smith Tribute The late Harry Smith, renowned musicologist, filmmaker, and painter, will be soon receive the tribute treatment with a four-disc box set titled The Harry Smith Project: Anthology of American Folk Music Revisited, due October 24 on Shout! Factory. The two-CD/two-DVD collection draws performances from Wilco, Beck, Lou Reed, Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Richard Thompson, David Johansen, Steve Earle, and more. In addition, it holds a new documentary on Smith's continuous influence on contemporary music, as well as three of his short films. The t
  11. Overated in my view and I live in Perth!! The Triffids and the Stems, now those were two great perth bands. Sean In Oz
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