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  1. http://www.archive.org/details/ryan2002-11-28sbd.shnf Link above is the 2002 show where Ryan talks about meeting Bob Dylan. You can't stream the show/banter but can d/l just the Dylan banter if you like. It is a pretty cool bit. I dig this entire show, grab it all.
  2. Ryan aka WolfHunter has been posting lately at the RAA forums. For those not over there, below is what he has stated: (latest to earliest, these are topics he has started, he is replying in threads as well) 1 day ago new jams and POLVO Hi there. Wanted to stop in and say things are going nicely here with new thing I am building. Also after some time there are some jams. We will see what is what but so far what is pretty wow. Anyway... ( oh and HSunshine peeps should be gettin their stuffs soon- all the pieces are coming together. POLVO...so, when I was scarppin round Raleigh/Chapel Hill b
  3. Link to Buy NEW album I guess I should have looled around more. I just ordered it and added the 2nd "radio" cd as well. 2 cds for $20
  4. NEW CD IS IN THE CAN AND COMING SOON The New Riders new studio CD (we still like to call them albums) entitled Where I Come From will be released sometime in May. It features 7 new songs written by David Nelson and Robert Hunter
  5. Well, lets toss some good 'ol New Riders of the Purple Sage in this here thread. First, I'll blame Jon Graboff and the last 4 years-ish of chasing The MF Cardinals around the states for getting me back into the pedal steel sound. It seems a "sound" my ears, mind and feet crave lately. I've been grabbing old shows (Garcia on the PS) off the archive.org and have grabbed some new shows on bt etree lately. The local left of the dial station up here has been playing some tracks off the upcoming new release. What I have heard off it excites me. I do wish John Dawson would come out of retirem
  6. This show is now up over at bt etree.
  7. Lawyer Retained - CHECK
  8. I have always found a ton of Steely Dan at the forums on the guitars101 . com site.
  9. I can't recall when in the '70's, but they also started their own record label. It was a gigantic failure. They lost a ton of money on the venture.
  10. Oh My ! Show is up already at bt etree too The Dead April 28, 2009 IZOD Center East Rutherford,NJ FIRST SET: 01.US Blues 02.Scarlet Begonias 03.Fire on the Mountain* 04.Bird Song* 05.Stranger* 06.High Time 07.Lovelight* SECOND SET: 01.New Potato caboose* > 02.Estimated Prophet* > 03.Milestones* > 04.drums > space* > 05.Dear Mr. fantasy* > 06.Dark Star* (second verse) 07.Eyes of the world* 08.Franklin's Tower* * = with Branford Marsalis I wouldn't have played on US Snooze either Branford
  11. Anyone catch a show the last few weeks? I'm catching them on Thursday night, just checking on new songs live. Also, how is the "new" drummer?
  12. http://lookatthisfuckinghipster.tumblr.com/
  13. Dead on Letterman last night YouTUBE
  14. WOW Show is already up on btetree Mash It Here
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