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  1. my first show as well... actually met tweedy outside of the italian place in the square - old venice? - he was just walking down the sidewalk... i remember we talked about when mermaid 2 was coming out. i know they opened with candyfloss... and i got to hear airline to heaven for the first time during the encore. as great as the show was... the changes the band has been thru have been worth it. my 26th show was last friday night here in birmingham and it might have been my absolute favorite.
  2. it was my 26th wilco show and very well may be the most enjoyable one i've ever attended. tweedy and the band seemed taken back at times by the love that was being thrown their way. the "i'm coming home" conclusion of via chicago had the fans singing at the top of their lungs. i felt like they could've played all night. this might have been the first show i've seen since '01 where IATTBYH wasn't somewhere in the set. it was the first time i've seen them do NFTS since Leroy left the band. terrific night had by all!
  3. haven't seen elton live since the late 90s. far more deep cuts than he was doing 10+ years ago. holiday inn and harmony are classics. glad to hear he has the backing singers there to pull off someone saved my life tonight. very random pick of believe thrown in there... too bad he doesnt play anything off of songs from the west coast live at all. it was/is his best record top to bottom since blue moves in 76 and too low for zero in 83.
  4. got back to Birmingham at 3am... still a bit foggy, but what a damn show. Less Than You Think caught everyone off guard and the 3-4 minutes of 'noise' into AOA was a great way to start the show. I Might, Dawned on Me, and Born Alone sounded terrific.As mentioned the IG solo was wonderful and I thought Handshake Drugs and Ashes sounded as fresh as ever. Side with the Seeds never disappoints. The place was going nuts during Shot in the Arm and Hummingbird... Whole Love! My favorite track off the new record and it sounded great last night. Crazy finale tearing thru Red Eyed and Blue/ I Got Yo
  5. hope to grab one tomorrow night... cannot wait. the palace of all concert venues.
  6. I don't think SBS gets enough credit... the first five songs are flawless. YAMF, IG, and SWTS are three of my top 20 Wilco songs ever. HIH and Walken are terrific live and very fun musically. Always thought One True Vine should've been on there over Leave Me... and would've encouraged them to strike Shake It Off, but it is a solid 8/10 release. W(TA) just feels like a throwaway to me. One Wing, BBN, and YNK are solid numbers, but everything else is just kinda dull. I think it may be fair to say the same about the band's feelings on these numbers as well. Go back and look at setlists... songs d
  7. 1. Art Of Almost - 10/10 2. I Might - 9/10 3. Sunloathe - 7/10 4. Dawned On Me - 9/10 5. Black Moon - 9/10 6. Born Alone - 9/10 7. Open Mind - 7/10 8. Capitol City - 5/10 9. Standing O - 8/10 10. Rising Red Lung - 10/10 11. Whole Love - 10/10 12. One Sunday Morning - 8/10
  8. 'Chinese Apple' in Ed was still my favorite Wilco on tv moment
  9. like the set a lot... good to see muzzle of bees in there. my mind fails me... is this the debut of Capital City live? where is Open Mind in these sets? shelf Jesus etc until 2013... and give us Open Mind.
  10. Side With The Seeds --- often overlooked, but a classic Wilco tune --- should be played more
  11. Stayed up past 2am listening to the itunes release on the headphones... bought the cd today. I won't be putting this release down for a long, long time. They were swinging for the fences and knocked it out of the park. Cannot wait for show #24 on Sunday in Nashville.
  12. Can you send me a studio version of 'My Words'?
  13. good see I'm Always In Love ---- would love to see it earlier... maybe right after IATTBYH. As far as BBN... i can live w/o it. Cannot wait for Nashville... Art of Almost, Born Alone, I Might live in the Ryman will be incredible.
  14. the record contains some terrific songs... You Are My Face and Impossible Germany are classic Wilco numbers. It doesn't have the power of BT, ST, YHF, and AGIB but blows AM and W(TA) out of the water. It is a perfect record to play throughout the house... and my kids don't get scared like they do when i blast Misunderstood.
  15. cannot list anything on TWL b/c i've only heard them once sans I Might 1. Poor Places 2. Via Chicago 3. Misunderstood 4. Shot in the Arm 5. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 6. Ashes Of American Flags 7. Airline To Heaven 8. You Are My Face 9. Chinese Apple (though not really a 'wilco song') 10. Theologians ** thought i'd have more AGIB on here, but this ranking is almost impossible as the catalog grows
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