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  1. I have an extra ticket, front row center, for the Tweedy show on 30 March. Ticket is $35. I can meet them at the Will call window. If interested they can e-mail at TFleener@Hotmail.com.
  2. I am planning to go to the KC show. Got some passes. woohoo. Venue is rad. Seen Wilco there twice. Outdoors, easy street parking since there isn't much else around the area. Good brew choices, restaurant has some good grub. Dig the Black Keys, never seen 'em, yet.
  3. Laminated Cat When You Wake Up Feeling Old Forget The Flowers War on War that sequence woulda been great to hear, luckies
  4. Went to Royals game yesterday. They're a damn good team for 6 innings then they are abismal. We were able to heckle Johnny Damon and the 3rd baseman who left the game in the 7th. We like to think he had enough of us.
  5. I believe they call that projection. With the range of emotions his writing evokes it is easy for a fan to get mixed up.
  6. Jesus Christ Superstar show? Or is that Glenn?
  7. For the note copiers, please, try notecards to reduce your time copying filler words. Use keywords and brief hints. Process it in your head instead of laborious factory work. Take 'em along with you and study in the 5 minutes here and there throughout the day. It'll work after some practice. You learned the copying notes method, you can learn other methods.
  8. too friggin' funny 3 out of 4 ain't bad. Carolina blew this year.
  9. overrated, leads to anxiety, not productive, see 'chicken with head cut off'
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