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  1. The B-Rox were a great way to wake up on a Saturday morning! I'm sorry I didn't see your earlier post until tonight. I was standing about 5 yards in front of the stage by the mic stand. The number of toddlers there was crazy but cool! The sound was really good and the tape sounds great! I'm still looking for the tape from their Thanksgiving weekend show at Off Broadway, it's around here somewhere. I just remembered that I caught them opening for Lucinda a few years ago...I need to look for that too! Unfortunately I won't be able to make their Anniversary show at Blueberry Hill in two weeks, th
  2. I ended up taking a nap during the Cardinals game once I heard that Neko broke her foot and wasn't near the city limits...
  3. Can't wait! The Bottlerockets are playing at noon down the street at Euclid Records and then a few hours later at Vintage Vinyl, The New Pornographers are the special DJs.
  4. I was at Euclid Records last night and as of about 8pm they still had about 20 tickets for Saturday...
  5. I'll have to watch that on youtube. I saw Flair fight Race for the title back in 82 or 83 at Kiel Auditorium...one of those 2 out of 3 falls. It was cool how the bad guy would always win the first fall and almost the second before the good guy would take it, and then back and forth chaos for the next 20 mins.
  6. Who's the dude in the middle? That's not Ole is it? Where was Greg " The Hammer" Valentine?
  7. Leo Nocentelli is absolutely amazing and well deserving imo...can't wait to see him next month in NOLA...
  8. Washington University is holding graduation ceremonies Thursday through Saturday...and Wash U is between the Cheshire and the Pageant. That probably rules out hotels in nearby Clayton.
  9. The closest and coolest hotel is the old Cheshire Inn. I don't think their rates are that high and it's maybe a mile from the Pageant, located at Clayton and Skinker. It's also haunted.
  10. I have to disagree. If Carp comes back this summer healthy and ready to go, he's one of the top 2-3 in the NL. Wainwright has developed into one of the better pitchers in the NL. He had a 2.xx era last year after the all-star game, throwing QS after QS...with any run support he would have won 18+ last year. Mulder is a question mark but he says he feels better than he has in 3-4 years. He now has the full range of his shoulder, so we'll see where that takes him. Clement is building stamina and should start a game next week. He'll benefit from returning to the NL. Lohse averages 30 starts/200 i
  11. The Cardinals signed Lohse for 1 year/$4.25 million This was something we had to do, with only Wainwright and Looper locked into the rotation to start the season. If the rehabbing guys continue to improve ahead of schedule, our July rotation may look like this... Carpenter Wainwright Mulder Clement Lohse Of course it would take some luck for all to heal with no setbacks, but that's an impressive starting 5!
  12. I'm a Blues fan but I have a good friend who has a one of those BJ's partial season tix plans. It's too bad you guys didn't have a goalie (besides LeClaire or Mason) to trade to TB. If you pull off that trade for Richards it would have been a different story. It seems to me that Foote threw in the towel on your team. My friend said that Foote had a private jet waiting all day to take him out of town. Will Colorado visit Columbus before the season ends? I would drive 6 hours and pay scalper prices to see that! The Federov trade made a lot of sense since there was really no reason to try and res
  13. They're one of my favorite bands and they're great live. You will have fun!
  14. Cards consider inviting Gonzalez to their camp By Derrick Goold ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 01/17/2008 Two-time MVP Juan Gonzalez is seeking another swing at a comeback after nearly three years since his last at-bat, and the Cardinals have discussed extending him an invitation to spring training. Gonzalez, 38, has been working out at Eduardo Perez's Winter Training Program in Puerto Rico. The Cardinals, intrigued by descriptions of Gonzalez's workouts, are exploring the possibility of signing the former All-Star outfielder, but a source cautioned that no deal is completed. "He really never s
  15. Edie - Big vibes heading up I-55 to you!!
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