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  1. Supposedly Turner Field's location is problematic, though the Braves did have input in it's placement. I think the real issue is that the Braves are stuck in a TV deal that is paying them way less than other teams with better, newer TV deals (200m/year for most teams vs like 10-20 for the Braves) and are looking for another stream of revenue.
  2. Braun didn't get off because of a loophole. He got off because MLB didnt follow the process they had agreed to follow. If he hadn't gotten off, the drug testing program would have lost its credibility. I don't have a problem with punishing players according to the proscribed rules, but the rules apply to the league too, not just the players. It's not a loophole because it was exactly the intended result of that part of the agreement. At this point MLB hasn't claimed to have any evidence other than a list of names. Gio Gonzalez has already been exonerated as everyone seems to agree that he on
  3. I don't see how MLB can suspend a bunch of guys based on the word of a single person (a person with huge credibility issues, and a lot to gain by talking). I agree with most of this: 10 Or So Thoughts on Biogenesis, A Scandal For All the Wrong Reasons Especially this part: It seems pretty unlikely to me that these suspensions will happen at all, but if they do, it will only be after MLB produces a lot more evidence than what they purport to have right now (and after a really long fight with the union, followed by a lengthy appeals process).
  4. But it was congress that rejected funding for more security at the embassies. So what's this really all about?
  5. Shaughnessy explictly said that one of the reasons for suspicion is that he's Dominican. The accusation may not be racist, but it's not not racist.
  6. Sammy Sosa is 7 years older than David Ortiz. Of course it is controversial to make an accusation with no evidence other than speculation and innuendo. Are you serious?
  7. The NL will have the DH within 5 years. Probably less.
  8. Yu Darvish just lost a perfect game with 2 outs in the 9th. Still, a 14 K one hitter is pretty solid.
  9. Even if being gay was a choice, that wouldn't make it morally wrong. Of course being gay is not a choice, and I understand the necessity and desire to point it out to people who oppose gay rights, however I think that even if it were a choice, it would be a completely acceptable one. Spending too much time and effort hammering home the point that it is not a choice concedes too much because to those who oppose gay rights and marriage equality because it implies that making a choice to be gay would be wrong. The fact that homosexuality is innate is immaterial to the fact that people should be
  10. Philip Roth John Irving Haruki Murakami Jeffrey Eugenides Michael Chabon Norman Mailer Saul Bellow Kurt VonnegutHubert Selby Jr
  11. As it turns out, not only did the Pirates reject the idea, but so did the Canadian WBC team, so no Martin isn't going to play at all. I thought he'd at least run the idea by the Canadian team before talking about how he was going to do it.
  12. When I was in college, this group of inbred dickheads came to Ann Arbor to protest the general gayness of Ann Arbor. As I was walking to class, I was approached by a young boy, probably around 7 or 8 years old, who reached his arm out to me to hand me a flyer. I politely said "no thank you" and continued on my way. As I passed, he yelled at me, "You're a dirty sinner and you're going to hell." On a reflex, I said "Fuck you." I felt kind of bad about it for the rest of the day, as I don't normally talk to children like that. Later I forgave myself though, as I realized that he was one of
  13. There's no way the Pirates don't kill this idea, right? http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/pittsburgh-pirates-catcher-russell-martin-shortstop-canada-world-baseball-classic-021813
  14. Alright, I guess I'll do my predictions Rays Jays (WC) Yanks Sawx Orioles Tigers Indians Royals White Sox Twins Angels Texas (WC) Oakland Seattle 'Stros Nats Braves (WC) Phillies Mets Marlins Reds Cardinals (WC) Brewers Pirates Cubs Dodgers Giants D'backs Rockies Padres Jays beat Rangers Braves beat Cardinals Tigers beat Jays Angels beat Rays Braves beat Nats Reds beat Dodgers Tigers beat Angels Braves beat Reds Braves beat Tigers
  15. So the USPS needs to be privatized because one stupid person who works there made a mistake in weighing your friend's package? I've got several stories about UPS messing up deliveries, but won't bother because they aren't indicative of anything systemic, just like your story.
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