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  1. Sweet fancy moses, One Sunday Morning is epic. Gorgeous.
  2. I can't have an opinion on the record yet, but it does sound like the first time since Ghost that they've done what they're best at, which is to make these exceptionally dense and layered tracks sound like simple rock n' roll.
  3. Art of Almost makes me think, "Finally, all of those Radiohead comparisons make sense."
  4. Just tried the free version today and was back in iTunes in about an hour. My problem is that I never know what I want to listen to, so I browse through my iTunes until I see something that feels right. Having to search prior to listening ruins the whole deal for me. Also, it kept stopping mid-album to "play an ad," but no ad played and the next song wouldn't play - the message said, "[song title] will start after your ad has played." I had to quit the program and restart four times within however long that latest Battles record is. Not that fun, really. And maybe this is just how sloppy
  5. That is what I keep hearing, but I'm really liking it. Your Past Life As Blast is a stellar tune.
  6. Okkervil River - I Am Very Far Much better than Stand Ins, probably better than Stage Names. Sort of seems like a return to earlier stuff, which is welcome.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they've said the "we might put out a double" thing before, and I'm not talking about Being There. Regardless, sounds like the songs fall into two camps, so maybe they can go the Paul Westerberg Stereo/Mono route. I'd accept that.
  8. File under bands I don't get. I gave it a shot, but everything sounds exactly the same, just like on the first record only, somehow, they made it even more boring. It's like a poor man's Band of Horses. The whole plodding reverb shtick needs to go.
  9. I would have helped if I could have. I don't think the Canadian presale passwords showed up in my inbox, though.
  10. Kid A OK Computer The Bends Hail to the Thief And then an enormous gap that pretty much means I never need to hear any of it again: Pablo Honey The King of Limbs In Rainbows Amnesiac I liked my first listen to tKOL but it's been all downhill from there. I'm tired of their direction, which admittedly is my own problem. I see in them a Wilco parallel - tepid but not awful first album, very interesting second album, then a streak of records that were each unique and excellent, the back to basics (i.e. it has a guitar) record (HttT), and then the return to 'experimental,' which ended up bein
  11. This, so far, seems a lot better than In Rainbows, which for some reason bored the piss out of me. This is weird and haunting in all the right ways.
  12. I hope he creeps toward the midwest, but who knows with that guy.
  13. Ha! That is exactly what I said last night. Same for the John Mayer / Johnny Depp thing. As for the award show, gave out something like 6 awards in 3.5 hours, right? I think it is somewhat telling that they have to say something about going to their website to see who won the actual, you know, Grammys. And wow, pop music is bad. Katy Perry was rotten. That country song about "going back home" or some similar cliche was even worse. And I don't need to discuss Lady Gaga.
  14. This is good. Not the direction I expected and some dull spots, but overall satisfying. He's guilty of overwriting in spots, over-singing and over enunciating in others, but I think that's what we all expect by now. Almost too slick and poppy, but the crazy dude breaks that up nicely. The tour with Titus Andronicus should be a lot of fun.
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