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  1. Can someone explain WTF this is supposed to mean?
  2. Have had a family crisis come up and will be unable to end the second concert. have 2 GA tix. Just asknig the $29 face value of the tix only. Email me at jasctt at g mail dot com for contact info. Will be at the first show tomorrow night, in line early for it. Contact any time.
  3. How do i delete this post? The tix is sold. thank. you.
  4. Have one tix for the 5/17 Pageant show in StL to sell. Am asking only the $29 face value of it. I paid A LOT more than that for it, but a personel situation has come up and I can't afford the extra day in the city for it. I have no idea how this works, so I will leave my contact email address here (jasctt at g mail dot com) and I will just start with the first person to respond seriously. I will be in line for the first two shows, so I can assume that would be the best time for the exchange, since I live far far away from StL. Thanks. I work late today, so it might be later this eveni
  5. Well, I was hoping for Andrew Bird, which would've been great. I don't know Low or this guy and just hope it doesn't suck. I've got tix for all 3 nights and if, watching the opening act that first night, and if they suck, that's gonna be a painful three hours over the course of those nights.
  6. Anyone got any info? I'm there all 3 nights (yeah, I f'n rule) and am hoping someone's got the 411. Andrew Bird would be cool cause I saw him in KC, have all his shit and the guy write kick ass songs, plus, he'd probably sit in with the boyz in da band.
  7. I haven't read through this whole thread, and I ain't gonna. What I will say is that i think MA1 is a f'n masterpiece. Every song is great, including BB's stuff. that eing said, I do feel that the wilco stuff on the second volume outshines most of what BB does with his stuff. i think that it is just the fact that they had grown so much as craftsmen after ST. So, I tend to sometimes to not listen to some of the BB stuff on MA2. BB just seems kinda one trick guy and I could never get into his stuff. I was into Wilco before MA1, so no big surprise I dig their stuff more. Will a volume 3 h
  8. Really glad I'm not the only one. my grasp of Dandom is pretty dang on, as is my Wilco.
  9. Call me crazy, but when other folks heard this latest B-side, did anyone elsse flash to the Dan song "Change of the Guard?" I have to admit that the organ playing sounds VERY much the same. I'm cool with it. I love Wilco and I LOVE The Dan. Their cover of "Any Major Dude" is the tits. Was just curious if anyone else got a Dan vibe, too.
  10. Am going to see both hows in May and was curious about any good rooms to stay overnight. Looknig for something clean and cheap. Nothing fancy for this man. Any ideas?
  11. I tried for tix on both pre-sales and got none, but we got two tix to each night when the GA went onsale and I will be in line to get into the HALO early. that I can promise. God, I love these fuckin' guys!
  12. Standing right in front of Nels, there was a faint buzz coming from his instrument every time he tried to play it and it appeared they tried to fit different lines into it to get it going and it finally worked and it was pretty funny. To be honest, when I saw Jeff mouthing "Walken" to the band in the encore, I was kinda bummed cause I've hear dit so many times, but the great trouble Nels had made it my fave version ever. Hey did anyone notice Jeff wiping what appeared to be a tear (maybe) away after either "One By One" or "At my Window...?" At least, it looked like it from my POV. Caug
  13. i think that for the first song, the boys should clearly do something from SBS. I like "What Light" or "You Are my Face" for that. in a dream, I'd love to see them do "Germany." For the second number, if the fucking TV boys woud give them 6 or 7 minutes, i wish they'd do RE&B -> I got you. man, they would rock that shit so hard. It'd be a classic, a la Neil doin' "Rockin'" or that great Costello/Beasties number! I'm sure SNL will play it safe. The bastards!
  14. I'm thrilled with everything played on all nights, but I was really holding out for Secret of the Sea and Someday Some Morning sometime. Two fucking amazing MA tunes that deserve to be played.
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