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  1. The big 11lp box now only $146 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09Y9JBNTN?tag=shtv-20
  2. Now delayed until Sept 30th? The new giant Dead box will have to tide me over.
  3. I’m surprised there is still no info or news on the new album’s release in September.
  4. My favorite song on the album. Wonderful lyrics too, but forgive me for asking, did Jeff's dad pass away recently?
  5. MusicToday will be mailing these out on July 29th. They will send a 'confirm shipping' email to those who purchased.
  6. Hi, What pull down menu. Where is this located? Help!
  7. The new issue of Rolling Stone lists a new Wilco tune on a Heroes soundtrack, calling it something like jazzy, couch music.
  8. the Pines show last summer was filmed. don't know by who.
  9. It's also the b-side of the What Light UK 45 single. The first pressings had a defect and the corrected copies have just shown up.
  10. No 'What Light'???? Bummer. Man, they better play it at the Pines; it gets LOTS of airplay around these Western Mass. parts. Weather's supposed to be real nice Sunday. Wha-hooooooo.
  11. I love it and find that listening to it in Boston gridlock traffic, after lighting up a bomber, is JUST what the doc ordered!
  12. lived in Van Meter 1974-75, Field in Orchard Hill 1975-76, then on to Southwest - those were the days: thai stick, Coors(before it was sold east of the Mississippi), blotter. Still in WMass., once here, it's hard to leave. On to the Pines June 24th!!
  13. The ep is also avail. at pre-order from www.newburycomics.com
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