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  1. One hell of a show...this was my 10th Wilco show and the setlist was one of the best I've seen. I couldn't have asked for much more. Finally got to hear 'Cars Can't Escape' full band as well. And man do I love "Box Full of Letters". On my way into the venue all I could think was that this is the weirdest place to see a Wilco show...and the crowd was actually pretty great considering it was all over the map. There were two guys near me who were pounding jack and cokes and the guy literally fell over like a tree after the opener. Thankfully that was the last of them. Speaking of the opener...n
  2. I'll be there! I hardly ever post here, but this will be my 10th Wilco show! Coming from Tampa and probably won't get there until after 7. Hope its not too packed early so I can make my way up front. If you want to say hi ill be the tall guy wearing a maroon tshirt.
  3. I have 2 extra for the Sunday show since I will no longer be able to attend. Seats are in section MF-5, row N, seats 7 and 8. These are dead center, aisle seats. If interested, email me at jwolff1214@gmail.com. Thanks
  4. Excellent show, after seeing them in Knoxville I didn't think they were going to be able to top that show, and they came out and blew me away again by opening up with two of my favorite songs ever. Not to mention Candyfloss, Box full of letters, and Sad and Lonely. I'm so glad I decided to go to both shows.
  5. My god what a show, the second encore was straight up rock n roll: California Stars Red Eyed and Blue I Got You Outtasite (Outta Mind) Casino Queen Hoodoo Voodoo I'm not exactly sure on the order of the rest of the set but they played Kamera and Box Full of Letters, two of my favorite songs. This was easily the best wilco show I have ever been too.
  6. I cant wait! I'm trying to decide what time I need to get there in order to be one of the first 150. I'm thinking of leaving my house at 7:30, so i would be there before 8, I dont know if thats early enough though. Great job on Disc Exchange's part on getting the guys there, its really going to pull in the business.
  7. holy crap! I had planned on getting there early, but now I def. am. I love the Disc Exchange!!
  8. I'll be making the short drive from Knoxville to see the show. Does anyone from Asheville know of any good record stores in the area? I plan to get into town a little early and try to find some places that sell vinyl, because I've pretty much exhausted the options here in Knoxville.
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