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  1. wow those were the days- audiogalaxy was the sweet shop of music-everything you always and never wanted. It was brilliant
  2. I too would love this- if it is at all possible. They didn't really account for people like me who don't live in the US with this.
  3. The Dufflefolks www.myspace.com/thedufflefolks eclectic enough to keep the audience interested and modest enough not to overshadow the main act!
  4. Dear all, I know this song is in the past but does anyone have any infomation about it? I would also like to hear it so this is a plea for someone with an mp3? Thank you!
  5. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone had a really good sound quaility copy of Jeff Tweedy singing this solo? Thank you- it's a present for a friend!
  6. the things that mean the most to you now will mean even more now
  7. well if your just playing an acoustic guitar and singing- you could mike up the acoustic guitar to with a good quality mike but you will have to experiment with levels and where you place it
  8. Dear All, well using coco-popps and cups of tea i managed to stay awake for what looks like a promo for the sunken treasure dvd and it looks brilliant! So lovley to see Jeff sing sunken treasure and the ambient shots between where like watching a national geographic magazine come to life! I think the suspense has increased 10 fold for the dvd now
  9. the dufflefolks www.myspace.com/thedufflefolks witty pretty eclectic pop! so good i had to steal my name from them! I heard there releasing an ep soon- from what i have heard so far it's pretty damn cool!
  10. Did anyone buy this after hearing YHF? I would be very intrested to hear people's responses about it- as it's worth as an archive is surley something. Also it could be seen as modern day storytelling or even folk? What are people's throughts about it?
  11. this bodes well for the record through the variation in responses. I have not heard any but now i'm excited for the record
  12. Dear all, I bought this documentry recently after enjoying the mermaid avenue albums and i really enjoyed seeing this. It's quite a toursit inducing documentry and it was great to see Jeff looking so young- not that he has aged but the only one wearing a straw hat was billy bore bragg. My question is as i slept through the crucial part is what do they argue about at the end? Thank ya
  13. well actually i think that joke is cock
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