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  1. I haven't read it yet, but I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that he's going to swear. A lot. (Having said that, I really do love Pete!)
  2. I can't figure out if this thread is more like a class reunion or a retirement home. And I agree... don't change your name unless it's an alias for a comedy bit.
  3. The other day I took the kids to swim lessons and there is a driveway that goes right next to a building leading to a small parking lot in the back. When I got to the end of the driveway I realized that the lot was full and decided to back down the driveway. Except that there's a kitchen window that sticks out right by the driver's side and I ripped my side rear view mirror clear off. When I got home I pulled out the Gorilla Glue (super glue for big stuff) and my 5 year-old daughter says to my wife, "Mommy, can he REALLY fix it, or does he just THINK he can?" I fixed it.
  4. No. I'm pretty sure that's John's real hair. Oh... wait. You meant... never mind.
  5. How random is this... We're redoing the backyard, so my mother-in-law brought over some magazines for us to get some ideas from for landscaping options. One of the magazines (from 2008) was Sunset Magazine. This of course made me chuckle, the irony of her unknowingly bringing me a magazine with a latent Wilco connection on the same weekend I just got the new album. So I pick it up and what's on the first page I randomly open to? An article about Jane Smiley going on vacation... with her boyfriend. Weird.
  6. I would say 'adult music,' but I'm afraid that Tommy Lee would get the wrong idea and come running in.
  7. Because it's never too early to make suggestions, how about SSF3 suggestions? Dave Alvin The Jayhawks (didn't they get back together?) A final night super jam that starts with Pronto, they are then joined by some other members of Wilco to perform some Wilco tunes, then the rest of the Autumn Defense come out as the other Pronto guys leave... and this keeps going on in an evolving fashion for about 7 or 8 hours. Like a sampler platter of everything that happened during the rest of the festival.
  8. Godspeed and fare thee well! I'm insanely jealous.
  9. - When my five year olds' use big words. - When they can't pronounce certain words - like 'scobeddy' (spaghetti) - Via Chicago
  10. As fascinating as the RS discussion is (and I do mean that), I'd like to add that I was surprised by Jeff's playlist. He went for some pretty mellow stuff in a MLB-sized stadium. He's been there before to throw out a first pitch, so I'd think he'd know that maybe some more upbeat tunes would play better. I thought he was great, but it seemed off for the venue.
  11. If Will Smith can play Ali, then any of the above should work just fine. BTW, has Patrick Fugit every done anything since Almost Famous?
  12. What about just putting on a selection from YHF. You know - Yank-me Hotel Foxtrot. Asses of American Flags Heavy Metal Hummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Long Time Porn Places
  13. I think that was more of a compliment to John than a 'boy would I love to give ____________ the axe' comment. Basically if anyone BUT John left, they could still call it Wilco. If John takes off... they're done.
  14. Oh, Jay. How come you wore the Fur coat on Leno or Letterman or whatever and NOT at the ski lodge?
  15. Hmmm... is it possible to make Nudie Suits in all faux fur?
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