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  1. I'm always impressed by Jeff's insight. I could listen to him talk about music for hours. I'm only about 15 minutes in (had to leave for a show last night), but I look forward to listening to the rest of the interview.
  2. This used to be my attitude, but sometimes I like a band with one guitar. Duane is definitely very talented and they sound great together - I'm not complaining, just a little perplexed.
  3. They're playing my city on my birthday this year and I'm thinking about going. I'm just not sure about the acoustic aspect. I feel like I want my Yo La Tengo to loud and noisy?
  4. I just got back from my show and my experience was the same as yours, down to leaving after 45 minutes of Hozier. I don't really get what the young ladies see in him, but good for them enjoying themselves I guess. Something about this guy just rubs me the wrong way. He seems like a competent musician but his music doesn't make me feel anything. Dawes was great as always. I'm just not quite understanding why they've added a second guitarist to the band. I thought Taylor did a great job on his own and it's strange seeing another guy playing some of the solos. Oh well. I managed to sw
  5. Thank you Wilco! This is so exciting! I'm anxiously awaiting my email.
  6. I've only seen Wilco twice and Tweedy once. All three were in the same city . . . so about 30 miles from home for each show.
  7. Dawes is continually a grower for me. I start out kind of liking an album, but eventually it clicks and I can't get enough. It took until last summer/fall, but I finally got into the last one and now really enjoy it. With that said, I'm liking the new one but it's not blowing me away. I thought I had read that they were going for more of a live feel, but that's not really coming through for me. They could definitely benefit from loosening up a little bit on the records. I'm sure the songs will be much better live. I'm also seeing them open for Hozier - I think it's toward the end of
  8. I haven't posted here in a long time, but I felt compelled to join in because this is something I've been thinking about lately. For reference, I'm 32 years old. I hit my peak of music buying probably around 2008-10 or so when I was buying a ton a downloads, mostly via eMusic.. Vacant Horizon, I think you and I may have commiserated several years ago about how digital music was changing our habits. I was buying far too much back then. It was like it became about the sport of getting new music. I have a ton of stuff from that era that I wouldn't recognize if I heard it. Probably aroun
  9. I believe the first album I purchased was Shut up and Dance by Paula Abdul (on cassette). Funny thing is, I just googled it and found out it was actually a remix EP. I had no idea. I had some Janet Jackson and New Kids on the Block before that, but I think my parents bought those for me. The first CD I purchased was probably the soundtrack for a musical or Disney movie. It seems that many of us have come a long, long way.
  10. I thought The National were surprisingly talkative and entertaining. Edit: Justin Townes Earle is pretty good too, though I assume his banter is planned ahead rather than off the cuff, which makes a difference.
  11. I'm not terribly excited about a new album. I saw the Avett Brothers live for the first time in May. I was expecting to be blown away based on everything I've read about them, but I wasn't feeling it. This was the first time I left a concert early (other than a case where I went to a show to see the opening band). They're definitely a talented group of guys, and they have a great attitude, but an hour was enough for me. I've been told that I tend toward depressing music. I don't necessarily think that's true, but I do appreciate a balance between light and darkness. These guys are a li
  12. I had an incredible time at the Pittsburgh show the other day. I probably said this last August when I saw MMJ, but this was by far the best concert I've been to. The evening was absolutley peferct. The entire night was wonderful, but seeing Jim join Band of Horses for a song was a really cool, unexpected moment. It was POURING rain on my way to Pittsburgh, but miraculously the storm missed the city. We just had a few rain drops at the end of Band of Horses set and while MMJ's crew was setting up. I would have been devestated if the show was cancelled. Somehow I ended up on the rail -
  13. Those repeated transitions are the one thing that's bothered me about the recordings. I can ignore gaps and static, but those repeats are really strange. Overall I'm really happy with the purchase. Regarding the missing tracks, I read that there were some techinical issues during the show which may be at fault. I wasn't there, but that sounds like a reasonable guess to me.
  14. I thought I'd downloaded the first show a couple nights ago, but it turns out two songs were missing. I looked at MMJ's message board and it looks like others had the same issue. I guess they're still working on it. Something was clearly wrong, as each song was downloaded multiple times.
  15. Anyone here tried pre-ordering either of the official bootlegs? http://live.mymorningjacket.com/ My attempts have resulted in a server error. I've tried 3 different browsers (2 computers). I want to listen to these things the second they become available!
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