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  1. Good show. Crowd was much better than Rochester. It helps that this was an outdoor GA show. Fun to see one of my favorite bands twice in a week. We also must have managed to stay at the worst hotels in both Rochester and Sioux City. I'm on a 3 hotel stay streak of dumps. We saw Deer Tick a few weeks ago in Fargo and stayed at a dive there as well.
  2. First time seeing Tweedy solo. I really enjoyed it but could have used a set of Wilco to end the night.
  3. 1) 9-16-03 2) 9-16-03 A friend of mine worked at one of the nicer hotels downtown. John Stirratt was getting something from the front desk and was talking with my buddy. Friend had no clue who he was but they started talking about music. John asked what he was doing that night and gave my friend two tickets and backstage passes to the show. He never said who he was or anything. Friend calls me and I say I'm down for the show. I had never heard them but had heard of them. I did know that Nels Cline was in the opening band and really wanted to check him out. Went to the show and was bl
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    Fargo show

    Hey, My wife and I are driving up from Sioux Falls, SD for the show Thursday night. Just wondering if there is a good place to eat (that has vegetarian options) near the venue? Hopefully the weather isn't too crappy. Sounds like I'll be driving through some T-storms on the way. At least it's not snow like the western part of the state. Anyone ever been to the venue? Is it really standing only on the floor? I did not know this before I bought tickets and my pregnant wife is not too thrilled.
  5. 7:30pm Central Time
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