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  1. the 6/9/73 show is one of my fav's....i drive by RFK every day coming home from work...i often think of that show when i drive by...even tho i was only 3 years old!
  2. it sort of reminds me of another forum i visit. there's a guy who completely HYPED the first Bon Iver album....i mean he was his #1 Fan. The new album was released and somebody asked "So, how's the new Bon Iver" and the #1 fan said "Total snooze fest" WTF?????
  3. I would love to hear an explanation of the folks who think the new Fleet Foxes is a disapointment. Seriously. What were your expectations? Why did it disappoint you? I honestly think that album is a complete MASTERPIECE. Please explain! I won't even go into asking why folks thought Go Go Boots was disappointing. I think that's possibly their best album start to finish (Decoration Day being first)
  4. Pavement really did a great job on their deluxe edition discs...i mean...an avg. of 50-60 songs per deluxe!
  5. Do you mean "January Hymn"? If so...i LOVE it! I picked up the vinyl today and played that to my wife. It's my fav. so far.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DohRa9lsx0Q&feature=player_embedded
  7. Listening to Joel Alme now...liking it! thanks for the heads up...it has an old school 1960's soul vibe.
  8. Guess i should go ahead and open my Barry Manilow Live album i've been storing since 1977.
  9. yeah, it worked for me. what browser are you using? i'm using firefox.
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