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  1. Sorry for my bad english - I meant "One true vine" and 8 mp3 versions of dvd tracks. Aren`t the dvd songs differenT from the album tracks ?I read about it in the thread "Alternate Sequences..." may be, I understood something wrong ?
  2. I tried for hours to get these Enhanced Content (9 alternate songs). This all seems not to work on my old computer and my german Sky blue sky. I tried to do all, Wilco HQ told us in another topic, but always my computer crashed. Could anybody send the songs to me or give me a link before I get crazy ? Thanks Ulf
  3. Registration of oink is closed. Could somebody pm me the songs ? Thanks
  4. hi, thanks for the answer, a pm would be great, i am looking forward for every snippet of this show. ulf
  5. Hi, after we`ve got these wonderful recordings 0f 3-3-07 and 2-24-07 (thanks again - great work), I would like to know are there some news abpout Jeff Tweedy 02/17/2007, where all these covers were played ? Thanks Ulf
  6. Dear taper of Jeff Tweedy 02/17/2007, like we all could read, there were massive problems with recording this show. My question: Could you resque any of the songs ? I would be happy about every Coverversion, sung by Jeff - i mustn`t be the whole show, and in every audioquality. I have heard so many Beatles-Session-snippets and was exited-no matter what quality they were.. I was so sad , that the first Tweedy/ santa show wasn`t recorded, in this show he sang too many never-before-heard covers. When I read the setlist of " Jeff Tweedy 02/17/2007" I saw my second chance. This is my "letter
  7. I hope I m not too late to get a pm too ?
  8. I like most of the songs, but I don`t like the album so much, I don`t know why - may be because it all sounds well known to me. Best album for me: Being there, 2. Summerteeth . The others - nice but not exiting in my opinion. Live I like them more.
  9. Thanks . So lets hope, he can figure it out.
  10. No, I was wrong its Eberhards Webers "The colours of Chloe" - definetly
  11. Abbey road or Being There or OK Computer
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