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  1. Just FYI, I know someone who works at the Paramount and he recommended that I not drop the $75 because there is only a limited amount of tickets for the member sale. Certainly do what you like. It is a wonderful theater and they could use the support but the majority of tickets will go on sale tomorrow. Just thought I'd pass that along. Also he recommended buying online vs. at the box office due to the President's visit at the Pavillion tomorrow.
  2. Awesome. This is our summer vacation this year. My daughter just turned 10 and this is her 5th show. She wanted this for her B-day. This is my 17 y/o 8th show. It's been a long time (4/09 in Athens OH) and we need to drink form the well. Good times to all.
  3. Was just at Athens, OH with my 15 and 8 y/o. The 15 year old has been going with me since he was 11 and the 8 y/o since she was six. I started with outdoor venues where we could set up camp on the lawn. I moved my son to indoor venues but we try to get their early for a prime spot (He's a big kid). The little one I tested inside at Athens b/c we could get reserved seats. She took a little while to warm up due to the noise. I'm the first to admit I messed up with the earplugs. Being a single Dad I dropped the ball on that one. Definetly bring ear plugs if your going to be indoors or close to t
  4. I love this board for the alerts on downloads, band news, inside info and turning me on to other related music. The stuff about the albums which I've now watched for the 3rd time with each new release, just seems to me to be narcissistic behavior. I really could give a rats tail what anyone says. I'm either going to like it or I won't. No one, even my close friends who I discuss these things with face to face is going to change that. We're here to enjoy all things Wilco and get out of this whatever we need. If that means venting your frustrations with a band we all love well than fans
  5. My son answered and it looked like Jeff looked right at him when he said "No. both" I laughed. His hair was also killing me.
  6. Show was awesome. This was the 20th for me and 5th for my son and 3rd for my 8 y/o daughter. We made a weekend out of it traveling form VA. My daughter was a little reserved in the beginning. I think a good Dad would have thought about the earplugs prior to the show. I dropped the ball on that one. She warmed up by "Spiders" and got her boggie on. Did anyone else catch Jeff dropping the "I know your just a Momma's boy...." on the dude who screamed during "Misunderstood". I just don't dig the whole screaming at the band during a song especially one that slips in to quiet reflection. I know
  7. My first Wilco show and still my favorite. Although I will say the 2 shows at 9:30 last week are up there. Went to some really good pub right up the street from the venue and also remember checking a bar where a local act was playing after the show. Good times. As well as the show itself, what a great night.
  8. Thanks, I guess I will run over there and talk to someone face to face. I just got some member services girl on the phone and she didn't seem to helpful. She did say that they did not have any contact information for the company and they usually do come in with the charge. The guy was having trouble with the scanner and was complaining to the facility as I was standing there. I don't know why he would have run my card twice though.
  9. I was double billed for some posters I bought at the show Tuesday night. Fox Trot Touring Corp was the name on my statement but they didn't have a phone number, I sent an email to management but besides that what can I do? The bank says that if I can't get in touch with them I'm stuck. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before? If so, who did you contact to have it resolved? Thanks to anyone who can offer me some assistance. I love the band and I'm happy to support them but if they wanted me to donate another $40.00 they should have asked.
  10. Listening to it now, up to track 5, so far so good. Nothing mind blowing so far but solid none the less. The list of singers in the Laurel Canyon Family is impressive. Seem like there is a mini revival going on in the hills of L.A.
  11. Second time he's been in town and I'm leaving to go see someone else. THis time it's Wilco at the Tower in Philly, Damn.
  12. MadMonkey


    My ex wife is a big Daughtry nut and I'm a big Wilco nut, so I'm hoping for a little "sweet mental revenge" . Oh if my karma is any indication these last 8 months that poser will win and I'll have to hear all about it, he;'s form around here so he's big with all my co-workers.
  13. MadMonkey


    I read somewhere that Springsteen was already awarded three grammy's, don't know what other categories he was in, one was for Best Rock Song. Also, the Foo Fighters got an early award. Doesn't look good for our boys. As long as they don't lose to F'n Daughtry. Does anyone know if Best Rock Album will be part of the telecast? Would love for them to get their name read off and a sec of face time.
  14. My son and I play and have discussed this in the past he thinks that ELT would be a good fit, I think ITMWLY or Outtasite (outtamind).
  15. I can't help but think I just loving to hear the band play. If someone in the audience is more concerned about having to clap or not it doesn't matter. I've been lucky enough to see 3 three encore shows with this band, I can't imagine they were all pre-planned. Also, I've seen Jeff, D.C. 2003, get so pissed with an audience member that he walked out during the first encore and I can't help but think that I missed some great music. So, as long as the band is on form, they can play all night with as many "fake" encores as they like. Really, if they want a little drummed up adulation from the
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