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  1. With all due respect to Frames fans...but he rivals Bono as probably the most irritating Irish singer and I'm Irish. Each to their own and all that but I cannot fathom how this guy gets airspace, there's a reason why they're still relatively unknown after 20+ years and it's cos they are terrible. He's extremely conceited and has an ego to match Bono's. And he should not have won that oscar for the Once song as it had been recorded a few years previous to the film and had appeared on at least one other album before the Once OST. I'd rather go deaf than listen to that moron.
  2. So you regard the IT to be on a par with the New York Times and the Washington Post yet you look to foreign media outlets and an Irish TV channel for Irish news? LIke I said earlier, bizarre. When did the decline in the IT's journalistic integrity begin? I respectfully suggest you are missing out on a lot of in-depth analysis of Irish news. For example Patsy McGarry has done outstanding work on the criminal behaviour, lies and obfuscation of the Irish Catholic Church and more importantly the Vatican in protecting paedophile priests and bishops. You state that some of the journalists have
  3. Yes the Irish Times is certainly flawed but it is the best Irish daily newspaper by a long shot. I find it totally bizarre that of all the Irish newspapers you would single the IT out as ‘complaining about taxes and civil servants’! Have you ever read the Irish Independent or its Sunday edition The Sunday Independent? Those newspapers most definitely have an overt agenda against civil servants etc. Every week without fail they publish stories that are half-truths, misinformation and downright spin. With regard to the journalists you have met that work there whom do you mean? It sounds like
  4. Wow, they bought The Sound Of Confusion by Spacemen 3, excellent choice!
  5. Great show, wished it could have gone on another hour or so. Thanks for the setlist, Impossible Germany was played as well...
  6. He sure has had an impact on the band, especially live. I know I'm in the minority here but it does very little for me (I've said this before here). I dislike hearing Impossible Germany live and Nels' noodling section at the end so usually pop out for a toilet/bar/smoke break.
  7. Well it's debatable as to what their live act has evolved to, I suppose...
  8. "Much of Wilco's evolution is due to the addition to the band eight years ago of Nels Cline" I would vehemently disagree with this statement, in fact I'd say it's the polar opposite. Also he says he never played in Belfast, musta been a doppelganger I saw at the Open House Festival there a few years ago then...
  9. Cheers. Yeah I used to get Melody Maker back in the late 80s when it and NME were half decent. I see Rory's albums are being re-issued, dunno if they're also being released on vinyl or whether they're remastered or not. Yeah it can be a litle confusing. I must come across as pedant of the decade here but once again 'mainland Britain' is a misnomer with regard to NI. I think you mean mainland UK. Lots of folks in Ireland take issue with the term British Isles too (as do I) but from a scientific perspective (with regard to geology, flora and fauna) I think it's acceptable. It's kind of outd
  10. It's OK, I'm done. I didn't start the insults. Didn't know that about the headstone, was wondering about it (and didn't google!), thanks for the info. If I was a christian (and an international guitarist of the year) I'd like something like that. Is that award still around?
  11. That's quite alright. Your googling isn't exactly right though, he was born in Donegal (which is near Northern Ireland) not Cork (though he was associated with Cork and was buried there). I thought you'd like to know that. Pretty cool headstone on his grave too (in Cork ).
  12. I don't like to quote myself but needs must.... Rory Gallagher was Irish. Some of you guys are in serious need of geography lessons....
  13. Eh, no it doesn't. Britain is England, Wales and Scotland. You are confusing Britain with the United Kingdom (which is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). Wow, first time I've seen Spacemen 3 mentioned on this forum! Probably my favourite band ever.
  14. I don't see why not, I think they should be the closing act on Monday night.
  15. Bulmers & POD present FORBIDDEN FRUIT 2012 Saturday 2nd-Monday 4th June June Bank Holiday Weekend At The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham Gates 2pm-10.45pm daily EARLY BIRD TICKETS ON SALE WEDNESDAY 22nd FEBRUARY 2012 Winner of Best New Festival at the Irish Festival Awards for 2011; Forbidden Fruit is returning for another Bank Holiday feast of music, art and fashion. Today marks the announcement of an impressive line-up that will tickle taste buds and have festival goers longing for another bite of Forbidden Fruit. Most notably, Manchester legends NEW ORDER play their first Dublin headline sho
  16. Yep. New Order, Mazzy Star and Death In Vegas added too... http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/0221/breaking25.html
  17. Well I'm in Drimnagh Dick so just around the corner from me too. Can't say I'm thrilled about a festival date though, don't like them so much, short sets and poor sound. Was hoping for a Vicar Street date. Oh well...
  18. Go to see a four-piece Wilco show, a Wilco without Nels Cline and Pat Sansone.
  19. Just received this today from Kings Road Merch in Germany, beautiful. I also received a 40x60cm poser of them in the Loft and another 58x80cm Whole Love poster, same as the six pictures of the guys in the inlay sleeve to the album, thrilled. All for about €18.
  20. I get it allright I just don't think it works. I've been to plenty of shows with a quiet opener and it worked. The show I saw in the Netherlands a few weeks ago started with OSM and it didn't. I don't think I would go to a Wilco sit-down show either. I've seen them six times, all standing. The only sit-down concerts I've seen were a Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs show and an acoustic Beck gig. Is it an American thing?
  21. Maybe if they didn't play OSM there would be a longer setlist. It's also a very muted (and a little boring) 15 or so minutes to start a show.
  22. I know a lot of people here love this but this song is beginning to bore me a little, it could have the latter 7 mins chopped off without much of a difference I feel. Musically it's a dead end. I saw them in Utecht on Nov. 11th and they opened with it. I had consciously avoided the tour set-lists so was a little surprised by it being the opener. I respect them for having the balls to open with this but it was not a good choice. 12 plus minutes of this as an opener was way too downbeat. It also means they have to chop 2/3 songs off the set-list to fit it in. Impossible Germany now has a com
  23. The Go-Betweens! By quite a distance...
  24. Yep, they opened with it at Kesselhaus, Berlin, May 24th, 2007. I was there.
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