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  1. I am sure there is a thread for this somewhere on here, but I didn't see one. So here are my lastest movies coming from the glorious Netflix: 1 Growin' a Beard (ariving tomorrow...a film about a beard growing contest) 2 Wordplay (great little Doc about the New York Times crossword puzzle) 3 Rock School (The school that inspired School of Rock) or just be my Netflix friend: Be my netflix friend!
  2. I love the inner island flashback episodes...like the one where we learned about the tail section. I can see the last episode(s) of the series all being like this. Anytime they shake the format up a bit, it keeps me interested.
  3. Wouldn't it be cool if Locke's "dad" somehow ended up being the real "Sawyer"
  4. It will be a glorious way to burn a massive amount of money though. I give them credit for the ambition. And I would love to see it.
  5. As cool as I think this will be, I bet it will flop. So, catch it fast when it does open. Des McNuff did the Tommy musical, and it was awesome.
  6. Here are the confirmed acts so far (per leaked artist iteneraries, etc). I got this from the Lolla message boards (which were right last year) Pearl Jam Lupe Fiasco The New Amsterdams Jack's Mannequin Son Volt Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Charlie Musselwhite Peter Bjorn and John !!! The Roots Daft Punk Ghostland Observatory Rhymefest David Vandervelde LCD Soundsystem Peter DiStefano
  7. Rushmore Almost Famous High Fidelity The Big Lebowski The Graduate
  8. I don't know if we'll ever see Jacob but I totally imagine him being played by Harry Dean Stanton. How creepy would that be.
  9. After blowing up that building and killing eye-patch guy I was totally expecting for Locke to throw a rock and kill Claire's bird at the very end...or tackle Jack so he couldn't enjoy his endzone celebration.
  10. Who are some of your favorite Irish or Celtic Bands? While these guys don't actually come from Ireland, I have always enjoyed the Wild Colonial Bhoys from MN. I'm flying to NYC this weekend to see them play! Wild Colonial Bhoys They are playing at: The Parlour Friday Saturday and Sunday. I'm beyond stoked: For any New York folks looking for some live Irish music this weekend: 250 West 86th Street (b/w Broadway and West End Avenue) New York, NY 10024-3104
  11. Check out this site. They claim to be the authority on mix tapes: Tiny Mix Tapes
  12. I always think about that with older artists as there are many who would say that the best art comes out of youth. I don't think its always the case. Take Sonic Youth. I think they make better music now then they ever did 15 or 20 years ago. Flaming Lips as well. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Oh I forgot. Not sure if this counts, but I left the Kanye performance at Lollapalooza last year. His sound was terrbile and we weren't digging it. We checked out Manu on the other stage instead.
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