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  1. The ones I reached for most in 2019: Purple Mountains | Purple Mountains Weyes Blood | Titanic Rising Fontaines D.C. | Dogrel Pernice Brothers | Spread The Feeling The Delines | The Imperial Some others I enjoyed as well: Aldous Harding | Designer Bruce Springsteen | Western Stars Deerhunter | Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared Durand Jones & The Indications | American Love Call Guided by Voices | Zeppelin Over China Jessica Pratt | Quiet Signs Joe Henry | The Gospel According to Water Juliana Hatfield | Weird Julie Jacklin | Crushing Le SuperHomard | Meadow Lane Park Lee Fields
  2. Weyes Blood | Titanic Rising Bruce Springsteen | Western Stars The Cactus Blossoms | Easy Way The Delines | The Imperial Le SuperHomard | Meadow Lane Park Jessica Pratt | Quiet Signs Purple Mountains | S/T Son Volt | Union Steve Gunn | The Unseen in Between Peter Bruntnell | King of Madrid Tim Bluhm | Sorta Surviving Lee Fields & the Expressions | It Rains Love
  3. The Best Record(s) of 2017 hurray for the riff raff – the navigator The Navigator' is a powerful, Latin influenced record. It feels like a new kind of Americana. One where the past informs the present instead of the present preserving the past. P'alante ! In alphabetical order; the records I played the most in 2017 aimee mann – mental illness bash & pop – anything could happen chicano batman – freedom is free chuck prophet – bobby fuller died for your sins dan baird – solow el goodo – by order of the moose gold star – big blue jd mcpherson – undivided heart & soul jim white – w
  4. Angel of The Blues & Down The Highway sit alongside all the other classics in Farrar oeuvre.
  5. 2016 Using the Alphabetical Star System 5-Stars alejandro escovedo – burn something beautiful the cactus blossoms – you’re dreaming drive-by truckers – american band the jayhawks - paging mr proust peter bruntnell - nos dos comrades wilco – schmilco 4-Stars the dexateens – teenage hallelujah the I don't cares - wild stab kyle craft - dolls of highland look park – look park lydia loveless – real the nines – alejandro’s visions richmond fontaine – you can’t go back if there’s nothing to go back to ryley walker – golden sings that have been sung 3-Stars m.ward - more rain
  6. Here are a couple tracks from the new record. http://gardenandgun.com/blog/first-listen-new-music-son-volt Back Against The Wall & Lost Souls
  7. Cool, thanks. The High Road tour was 33 years ago. Wow. I can certainly relate to your 7-11 reference as well. What purpose did it serve, other than beer. ;-D
  8. I saw RM several times on that tour. What venue ?
  9. Todd- After seeing your #1 (which I have) Butterscotch Cathedral featuring Matt Rendon, have you gone down The Resonars rabbit hole yet ?
  10. My current list is at 350+. I wish I had it handy as I would post it here. Unless, I overlooked them, here are a couple more to check out. Cosmos - Jar of Jam, Ton of Bricks >>> Zeppelin Commander (2009) The Takeovers - Turn to Red >>> Be It Not For the Serpentine Rain Dodger (2006) EDIT - I now see, Zeppelin Commander on your list. Nice ! While I do recommend you seeking out the other track, be warned, it sounds like it was recorded on a close&play. Lol
  11. Cortez, One, I don't see on your list; Fiction Man. Brilliant pop, not weird Bob.
  12. I have ALL of their records. They're all good to great. Greg's songwriting really shines through on this one. It's a whole new ballgame.
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