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  1. This is ummm... long, but I do a big write-up every year for my own "best-of" picks. Enjoy! Ratatat - LP3 Let's call it SNES rock, shall we? Mike Stroud and Evan Mast have been tweaking synths and coaxing all manner of chirping, buzzing, glitchy riffage out of guitars for several albums now, but LP3 is probably the most tuneful effort yet from the instrumental duo. Latin flavors season the rhythms on tracks like "Mirando" and "Mi Viejo" while Jamaican dubbiness gets a playful makeover on "Flynn" and the irresistible "Brule
  2. Popmatters has a very detailed week-long retrospective on the White Album this week... Yeah, I was -11 years old when it came out It definitely doesn't mean that twenty-somethings can't find some connection though. "Long, Long, Long" might be the most underrated Beatles track of all time.
  3. It's a disappointing overall effort for me too, but with a few solid keepers to be salvaged. "Suffering Jukebox" has some of the carefree, jangly charm that makes me love Tanglewood Numbers and American Water so much. "Party Barge" and "San Francisco B.C." are good fun, but there's nothing on the album with the emotional heft of "There Is A Place" or with quite the unbridled keenness of "Random Rules" or "The Frontier Index".
  4. I've only started to appreciate Elvis Costello quite recently. This Year's Model has been getting a lot of play- love the bass work of Bruce Thomas on that disc. I Don't Want to Go to Chelsea is simply top-shelf badass pop/funk/ska somethin' or other. I think Costello's lyrical approach and meticulous melodies work better as the listener gets older...
  5. My pick for song of the year. It's immediately and effortlessly likable- sounds like a song people have been singing around campfires for forty years. Great little story in those verses. Hooray for lycanthropy parables!
  6. To hear Frisell really connect with horns, I suggest listening to "What Do We Do?" off of Blues Dream. Absolutely majestic playing. Gone, Just Like a Train is an excellent starting point for his repertoire- gentle (not to be confused with sappy) acoustic numbers mixed in with some wilder freakouts like "Blues for Los Angeles" and "Lookout for Hope". Ghost Town is suitable music for chilly, grey Autumn days like the one I'm experiencing here in VA today.
  7. I'm always in the mood for Bill Frisell. A guitar god who smashes pre-conceptions of jazz based around the instrument. He's got more Thurston Moore, Willie Nelson, and Jerry Garcia in him than he does any "traditionalist" blazing through sixteenth-note dominant scale runs.
  8. The title track of Blitzen Trapper's Furr is so good I can hardly stand it.
  9. I find great poetry an inspiration. Read some of the greats (my favorites include Walt Whitman, ee cummings, and William Carlos Williams among many others) and bask in reflected syntactical glory. And if I find myself frustrated with my own compositions, play some of your favorite songs by other artists. Strumming along to "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away" can be inspiring in and of itself. I guess my basic advice here is to surround yourself with creative greatness. Keep at it. I'm sure you already know that you've got to write stuff you hate in order to sort out the gems that really
  10. Almost all mentioned already, but absolutely worth a repeat: And you, you took me in, You loved me then You didn't waste time. And I, I never took much, I never asked for your crutch. Now don't ask for mine. *** You've been with the professors And they've all liked your looks With great lawyers you have Discussed lepers and crooks You've been through all of F. Scott Fitzgerald's books You're very well read It's well known *** Inside the museums, Infinity goes up on trial Voices echo this is what salvation must be like after a while But Mona Lisa musta had the highway blues You can te
  11. :dancing Jay Cutler you magnificent slovenly bastard, you.
  12. James Brown - "Funky President" Country, do you know Just what I meant We just changed, we got A brand new funky President
  13. You do know Rivers is #1 among QB's in fantasy points and Garrard is #19, right? Trade you Devery Henderson for Tomlinson
  14. I call shenanigans on the Rivers-for-Garrard trade...
  15. Surprised no one's mentioned Dylan during the Rolling Thunder era yet. Desire and The Bootleg Series Vol. 5 should do the trick. The live "Isis" = Edit: Scarlet Rivera is obviously the violinist in question.
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