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  1. Thought some of you might like to check out the pics.... http://www.hippiesaredead.com/2011/06/nels-cline-and-marc-ribot-played-le.html
  2. http://www.hippiesaredead.com/2010/07/on-fillmore-played-le-poisson-rouge.html
  3. http://www.hippiesaredead.com/2010/07/glenn-kotche-of-on-fillmore-had.html
  4. Hey guys, some links you might like: Pictures: Review: http://www.hippiesaredead.com/2010/04/wilco-played-lupos-in-providence.html
  5. Pictures, Review, and Setlist.... http://www.hippiesaredead.com/2009/06/wilco-and-okkervil-river-played-greek.html
  6. Contest for free iTunes downloads of IATTBYH... http://www.hippiesaredead.com/2008/09/cont...o-break_04.html
  7. Pics and Review of the Bend show: http://www.hippiesaredead.com
  8. I was just about to be like, "Um, it's free..." but then I realized you meant $ for a plane ticket!
  9. I posted all of the above to my blog... http://hippiesaredead.blogspot.com
  10. Look, I own all the albums on vinyl and cd. I've seen the band (or Jeff) over 10 times live in concert. I run linux, exclusively, so I didn't have access to the stream. A PM of the recordings would be awesome. Thanks, Patrick
  11. If someone could PM me a link to the tracks, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Okay, I run exclusively on Linux, and bought the DVD. There's no quicktime for linux, so umm....how do I get the files? Any bright ideas? Thx, Patrick
  13. Wasn't it actually that other guy - I think his name is Chris, maybe? The dude from IATTBYH with long semi-curly brown hair, who's always in the control room running the boards? I think he's the engineer....
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