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  1. Lucy Dacus I read of her shows the last few nights that she's played the whole set while laying on a couch due to two herniated discs. So...I'm anxious to see how this is going to work out.
  2. I enjoyed the pictures and review. Thank you! um...they have a beer named "Wilc'ope"?!?!?!?!? Had I known that, my attendance decision might have changed! I'm sure it's delicious.
  3. Hi all, I just want to chime in and say that I too really appreciate bbop’s updates. Thank you! I really enjoyed the show and thought the set list was just right. After such a long wait between live shows, some rocking ‘standards’ were just fine by me. The group I was with all seemed to feel the same. I also thought Sleater-Kinney was great. I’d never seen them before. My daughter pulled me up to the front of the stage where we watched their whole set which really added to the fun.
  4. Wilco!! I mean...Sleater-Kinney!! Wait...I mean Wilco!! No, no..Sleater-Kinney!! Oh, never mind.
  5. Fabulous! Thanks for the review. Have been looking forward to it. And can't wait for Chicago in a few weeks!
  6. Wilco/Sleater-Kinney Chicago in August. I didn't have tickets originally (2020 show) so glad to get these. Going with my wife, a couple of our kids, my brother, spouses, etc. Will be a mini-family reunion for us. Whoop-whoop!
  7. I work in an office all day. At one point, I was in a situation where I could listen to music off my computer (2005 I think) and started listening to a radio station’s “new music channel” because I was tired of pretty much everything else I listened to at the time. Over the course of a few weeks (or months?), I noticed a particular song that really grabbed me. One day when I noticed that song playing again (I had to keep the volume low), I jotted down the info. Handshake Drugs by Wilco. The station was playing that and Heavy Metal Drummer from the recently released Kicking Television album
  8. Hey bbop thanks for the recap! Myself, my wife, my brother and my sister were there last night. Good god Wilco puts on a fantastic show! I liked the mix of the Ode to Joy songs with the older staples. We were on the floor a little less than halfway back and in front of Jeff. The sound was great although there were a couple of times it seemed that Nels’ sound was too strong, but I didn’t notice it the whole night and it didn’t take away from the show. Maybe it was just me. This was my 10th Wilco show. I hadn’t seen them perform Reservations before. That’s the one song that keeps goi
  9. Wilco! Come on, Indy, let's show 'em some love!
  10. Hey Bbop! Thanks for taking the time to put out your thoughts. I wasn't able to hear the webcast. Even if I had, I would have been looking forward to your recap. I'm not sure how large of a readership you have (numbers in the tens, perhaps?!?!) but we are loyal readers! Seriously, thanks. I do enjoy following along when Wilco is on the road.
  11. Gary Clark Jr. Again....saw him back in March, too.
  12. Yes. Opener for Gary Clark Jr. was Tameca Jones. We didn't get there until about the end of her set so can't much about it other than she sounds like she has a great voice.
  13. Nothing to add to bbop's typical great recap. I was at the show last night with my daughter, son and my sister. We've all seen numerous Wilco shows but none of us have seen Jeff solo. I thought it was a fantastic show. Thinking about it all day today and I know I've got a much greater appreciation of Jeff. Not really sure what I mean except maybe I paid more attention to the lyrics and how a song unfolds rather than watch Glen pound away on the drums or looking for Nels' next guitar rip. This was really special. I also came away with a greater appreciation of Jeff's song catelog. I gue
  14. Jeff Tweedy Whoop-whoop!!!
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