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  1. I work in an office all day. At one point, I was in a situation where I could listen to music off my computer (2005 I think) and started listening to a radio station’s “new music channel” because I was tired of pretty much everything else I listened to at the time. Over the course of a few weeks (or months?), I noticed a particular song that really grabbed me. One day when I noticed that song playing again (I had to keep the volume low), I jotted down the info. Handshake Drugs by Wilco. The station was playing that and Heavy Metal Drummer from the recently released Kicking Television album. Handshake Drugs just captivated me. I’d never heard (or paid attention to, maybe) such feedback and….just…sound! Frankly, it might have ended there. I’d never heard of Wilco and knew nothing about them, so it probably would have become a faint memory of “that one song I can’t think of now was really cool!”, except…By some strange fate I was in a Walmart (of all places) electronics department and remembered “Wilco” so looked in their cd bin and low and behold there was Kicking Television! So on a whim, I bought it. I listened to it pretty much non-stop as soon as I got it. Completely hooked. To top it off and really anchor my addiction, shortly after that, I noticed an advertisement for them to play fairly close to me as part of the Kicking Television tour. And I never (at the time) go to concerts. But I HAD to see Wilco. So I talked my wife into joining me (which she did just to humor me). Oh my! The whole show was exactly what I had hoped for, but my strongest memory is when they played Via Chicago. My jaw was on the floor. I have no way to describe seeing that song live for the first time, as a new fan, with zero background and no idea what to expect. Wow! I know I’m off topic a bit, but another side note: That concert was their first show after Jeff’s mother passed away. Being so new to the band (and not tuned in here at the time, either) I had no idea that Jeff was going through that sadness. Even today I feel some guilt for being so excited and happy at the show while he was dealing with the loss of his mother. I do recall Jeff saying something like “I’ve gotta be honest; I don’t really feel like being here”; but I had no clue what he was talking about. Anyway, all of that stuff together in a fairly short amount of time…yeah…that’s how I got here.
  2. fif1435


    Ha ha!!! I love that!
  3. Hey bbop thanks for the recap! Myself, my wife, my brother and my sister were there last night. Good god Wilco puts on a fantastic show! I liked the mix of the Ode to Joy songs with the older staples. We were on the floor a little less than halfway back and in front of Jeff. The sound was great although there were a couple of times it seemed that Nels’ sound was too strong, but I didn’t notice it the whole night and it didn’t take away from the show. Maybe it was just me. This was my 10th Wilco show. I hadn’t seen them perform Reservations before. That’s the one song that keeps going through my head today. So beautiful, I don’t know what else to say. But last night, the song that really blew me away was Bull Black Nova. I’ve seen them do that song before and have always liked it, but it seems like they’ve changed it some this tour. Near the end, the song starts to fade out only to have the whole band explode when Jeff sings the last lines. I can’t remember if it’s at the “Pick up!” part or before that. Anyway, they about knocked me over. Amazing; I know I was pie-eyed for some minutes after that. Wow!! Am I making this up or are they doing it a little different (your queue BBN Expert Vince…!) As far as I could see, everyone stood from the moment they came on stage through the entire show. I was happy about that. Way to go Indy! (full disclosure, my wife and sister both sat when the boys left the stage for the encore and didn’t stand for the last songs. They said their feet hurt or they were tired or some other lame excuse). Oh, also I should mention: My brother is maybe a casual Wilco fan….I’m not sure what that means except he doesn’t keep up with the band and certainly isn’t on here, Via Chicago. So I was a bit surprised when, on the ride home and not prompted at all by me, he mentioned that Pat looked bored or not happy or not really into the show at all. I know that’s been mentioned on here a few times. Hopefully it doesn’t mean anything. I’m just bringing it up because my brother noticed. The only bad thing about seeing a Wilco show is the post-show depression that sets in the next day. When will you be back!!!???? Thank you Wilco! And I should also mention that Deep Sea Diver was great. Very happy that we were able to catch most of their set. At the end, the singer said something about they are coming back in February. I checked their tour schedule today and no Indy (or close) shows listed, so not sure what’s up with that. But I’ll definitely keep an eye out.
  4. Wilco! Come on, Indy, let's show 'em some love!
  5. Hey Bbop! Thanks for taking the time to put out your thoughts. I wasn't able to hear the webcast. Even if I had, I would have been looking forward to your recap. I'm not sure how large of a readership you have (numbers in the tens, perhaps?!?!) but we are loyal readers! Seriously, thanks. I do enjoy following along when Wilco is on the road.
  6. Gary Clark Jr. Again....saw him back in March, too.
  7. Yes. Opener for Gary Clark Jr. was Tameca Jones. We didn't get there until about the end of her set so can't much about it other than she sounds like she has a great voice.
  8. Nothing to add to bbop's typical great recap. I was at the show last night with my daughter, son and my sister. We've all seen numerous Wilco shows but none of us have seen Jeff solo. I thought it was a fantastic show. Thinking about it all day today and I know I've got a much greater appreciation of Jeff. Not really sure what I mean except maybe I paid more attention to the lyrics and how a song unfolds rather than watch Glen pound away on the drums or looking for Nels' next guitar rip. This was really special. I also came away with a greater appreciation of Jeff's song catelog. I guess I've always lumped everything together as "a Wilco song", but today I think of the songs as belonging to Jeff. Something personal from him. Not just a bunch of words that a band is charging through with great riffs and percussion and timing. Not to mention I've had "New Madrid" bouncing around in my head all day. But this probably all sounds pretty sappy. I really enjoyed the show and came away with more than just another concert experience. Also, I want to thank bbop for all the concert recaps he puts together here. Thank You! I don't post much but I always look forward to reading your updates whenever there's a tour going on.
  9. Jeff Tweedy Whoop-whoop!!!
  10. Gary Clark, Jr. Love his live album from a couple of years ago. Not too sure about his newly released studio album. But tickets are in hand, so looking forward to a good time tonight.
  11. Speaking of the Marina towers (and even more of a stretch...) My son was visiting a friend of his in Chicago this past weekend and sent me a text saying "the friend I'm visiting lives in those buildings on the front of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album!" I was proud that he knew that and then took the time to tell me.
  12. All I want for Christmas are the handshake drugs I bought downtown.
  13. Spoon (Two live events in one week for me. I rarely make two in a year. Whoop-whoop!!)
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