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  1. Brilliant Lou, I'm a sucker for all things Jayhawks and A.M.!
  2. Hi Rachel! I thought of you when I saw Pot Kettle Black on the setlist! Are you staying with us this weekend? email me!
  3. omg, "smoke another one donkey" is hilarious!
  4. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Craig's List person is a big jerk! They are just trying to sell a silly ticket, or worse, start a rumor and upset people. I'm gonna choose to not let that tool get me worried and just think positive Wilco thoughts.
  5. Don't quote me, but it was something like, "With all due respect to Gretchen Wilson, not everyone here is a redneck." He went on to say more, which I thought was not only fine, but necessary. It was along the lines of not lumping all people at Farm Aid into the redneck category. GW kept doing shout outs to rednecks in the crowd as if her audience was mostly rednecks. I grew up on a Farm, I am not a redneck, and was happy when Jeff appropriately called her out on it.
  6. Me too! Yay for you Maine folks! I am sad (beyond) to have missed the show, but happy the band gave you such a great setlist! Waiting for more details...Laurie, Rick, Paul, Leigh and Dan..,
  7. Thank you soo much! I appreciate that. So Jeff is the genius, good call on his part. I just can't get over how fun that performance was at the Wiltern, (via you tube). My kids are loving it that Feist sang with Wilco. I hope we see/hear more of that duo.
  8. Does anyone know the genius behind the idea of getting Jeff and her together? I am just so curious. Their voices sound AMAZING together, IMO, and what a cute show they put on at the Wiltern.
  9. wilco in california (beyond jealous, and already jealous of saratoga!)
  10. always nice to see everyone in the band smiling!
  11. Minnesota, well, back in the day, I used to go to the Cabooze in Minneapolis, (Tina and the B-side Movement played there a bunch). If you are looking for music venues like that, you may want to check out a bunch of schedules. I can recommend really great Irish Bars in St. Paul, etc., but mostly went to Mpls. for music. Hit Grand Ave. in St. Paul, and the Electric Fetus in uptown, mpls. PM me if you want more details, info. I grew up and lived there through college, it all depends on which neighborhood or city you are planning to visit. A good resource might be the Cities 97 website if
  12. It is so interesting to see how everyone hears a song, one of the great things about VC. Anyway, I have not taken the time to actually read the lyrics anywhere, but when I heard this song for the very first time, I assumed it was about a combination of things, maybe not one subject exactly. Maybe I am in too much of kiddie mode at this point in my life, but sometimes I hear it to be about the intense love that comes with parenthood? I am curious if anyone else picked up on that. I really like the song, (and like some others mentioned above, I really like When The Roses Bloom as well), b
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