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  1. Ah.........nice try. That's clearly Dana Carvey.
  2. Cheers -- and yeah really has been, plus my wife is about to give birth to our first child in less than 48 hours! (MJ rubbed her belly for good luck; didn't have time to ask the musical equivalent to do the same : ). If someone hasn't already, the details of the Colbert video should be divulged -- that was really hillarious. I'll add one -- right before the video of him fades off, he waives, smiles, and yells something like, "I'm from Illinois and I'm a corrupt politician!"
  3. Great night as always. I met Jeff for the first time in between songs during the epic Sacajaballsac set. Incidentally, I met my childhood idol, Michael Jeffery Jordan earlier in the week at Stanley's Pub in Lincoln Park. Oddly enough, I was much more nervous meeting Mr. Tweedy.
  4. I love this thread! I could write a 1000 word review on this thread. It's so horrifically bad on so many levels, I can't put it down. This thread isn't so bad its good, its so bad its fucking fantastic. I really dig this thread! To have a truly horrendous thread, you need a lead-off post that sets the tone. It has to be either uncomfortably oppositional, unwittingly ridiculous, or spread false information. Here, we have the last two satisfied. Then we get three consecutive posts that are the virtual equivalent of 'crickets', followed by the inevitable "bullshit" call. Is this thread
  5. When my first child is born in a few weeks, he'll be born into a world of infinite possibilities. I'm not African-American, I'm Irish-American. But if a black man can get elected to the most powerful office in the world, in a country where those with his ethnicity were enslaved in recent history, then not only will my son grow up with an unprecedented perspective in regard to minorities, but also with the knowledge that he can do whatever he wants. Sorry for the sentimentality - but if I can't vent here, where can I
  6. I respect that opinion. However, it occurred to me that if you "hardly listened to Summerteeth at all," you may not have listened to it enough times to let such a layered album unwrap itself for your ears. Me, I have the opposite problem -- I've listened to ST too much (thanks, wife).
  7. Ah, slow down folks. Nel's socks are obviously paramount.
  8. This is disturbing. If McCain stands any shot, he runs on a pro-Jorgensen platform with this photo as damning evidence of what the next four years will obviously hold for the Jorgensen constituency.
  9. http://phish.com/news/index.php?year=2008#story409 sorry if this is up somewhere else. rumor that the 09' tour announcement is soon to follow.
  10. Not quite sure why, but I found this hilarious.
  11. You obviously don't know they're the 4th most popular folk-parody duo in New Zealand.
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