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  1. Schmooking for a pair of Schmorchestra seats for Schmednesday 9/14 or Schmursday 9/15 at the Ace Schmotel.
  2. Looking for three tickets for the September 13th show in Indianapolis. Would prefer pit or first 20 rows of main floor. This is my one and only chance to see the band during this tour! Contact me quick! ABC9@me.com Thanks
  3. I will be there for certain. Last year was simply fantastic. Now if we could only get the recording...!?
  4. Nope, I stand corrected. Sorry Wendy. I will never question you again
  5. I spent about 10 hours at Second City on Wednesday, and it was a great way to spend the day. Improv comedy-wise, there are some very talented people, and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. I even got the chance to go on stage for a little audience participation. Robbie Fulks played, and was hilarious, especially doing his countrified version of Beyonce's "Irreplacable" The Breeders were interesting, though they seemed distracted and amateurish--trouble with their equipment and levels, missing chords and lyrics. Tullymonster (now renamed Sacajaballsac by the attentive
  6. Two great bands, two rockin' sets, and a whole room full of foot-stompin', boot-scootin' music lovers. This was truly a great night of music. Big Smith, who rarely play Chicago, had everyone up on their feet, stamping along to the beat of perfectly played southern-fried rock. The members of the band (I was informed they are all cousins and brothers, except for fiddle expert Molly) each took turns belting out tunes, riffing on solos, and sharing the stage in sweet harmony. Molly, the lone lady of the group, made tremendous noise with her whip-quick fiddle and bow. She even sang one of her
  7. I saw Plastic People of the Universe at Hideout last night. It was really incredible...only about thirty people showed up and the band (7 members) were all cramped up on stage. But they played wildly and magnificently. It truly felt like an underground experience. I felt privileged to be witnessing rock revolutionaries, 40 years after their initial start. Anyone going to the Block Party should be sure to catch their performance on Saturday at 4:30PM. Here is their incredible story: http://www.furious.com/PERFECT/pulnoc.html And as GoGo says, Tom Stoppard's "Rock N' Roll" highlights t
  8. Another solid performance from the band. They were all in good cheer and great form.... Nels was playing some fierce guitar and Pat wore his usual "pout." There was a great energy form the crowd too, and the venue was really pleasant. Thanks to Tamala ans Rob for the tickets, and Jen and Chris for sharing your space!
  9. I have an extra lawn seat for the Indy show Monday August 4 7:30 pm WhiteLies Lawn State Park $40.62 (face plus fees) I have the ticket already so I can mail it off or meet you at the venue before the show. email abcarter9@aol.com
  10. I had a very similar experience to some of you... W.A.S.T.E. didn't announce what time the tickets would be on sale, so I was online at midnight, 4am, 6am, and finally 9:15a. As soon as I saw the tickets were on sale, my internet connection failed!! Cursing up a storm, I got dressed and ran to the coffee shop down the street, logged on and kept getting empty screen after empty screen. At last, I was asked to place an order...I clicked Add to Cart and the screen went white for about seven minutes. I was freaking out!!! I loaded the main page up in another window to find out what was happe
  11. I was just at Nordstrom Rack on Wednesday on State St and was grumbling about having to suffer thru Sheryl Crow, when "Casino Queen:" started playing. It almost made me have to buy a new pair of pants...
  12. Here they are at long last... Larry and I compiled the best of them, and I took a few liberties with color and light to create some more interesting shots. There are five separate folders divided by nights to look through. I hope you enjoy, and perhaps you might even see yourself! Thanks again for all your wonderful companionship during those brilliant, blustery days in Chicago. Much love, Andrew http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h136/abc...er%20Residency/
  13. As many of you no doubt noticed during the residency, Jeff & Co. were favoring the newer "Battle of the Bands" verse during Heavy Metal Drummer. Let's see what other new lyrics we can come up with... Here's one to start off: "A slicked back hair-do, and Doctor Martin boots, Struttin' down the street, feelin' kinda like Joe Strummer..."
  14. I have a sexy new voice (or lack of) but nothin' else. Vitamin D, my friends....it will wash away yer blues and fend off the sickies. Promise
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