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  1. Didn't see Sarah but I did see Paul Langois.
  2. According to FB, some folks seem to be calling MCarter Theatre directly and getting tickets.
  3. If I don't like the portapotties, I can go home to use the washroom.
  4. I inspired something? MapQuest says TD Centre/Lansdowne Park is a half a kilometer, or about .4 of a mile for our US friends. I went to Chicago to see Jeff; that was around 1,300 kilometers.
  5. Wilco is listed for the Ottawa CityFolk Festival. Festival runs from September 16 through 20 (about 5 blocks from my house)
  6. I voted no. It's either too late or too early. If you had considered selling them 6 years ago, you might have got something for them. Pretty hard to sell right now for anything approaching what you paid for them. On the other hand, maybe they will appreciate in value in 10 years. I say keep 'em.
  7. I didn't get this for Christmas. Too subtle I guess. So I bought a copy for myself on Boxing Day. Now I've got "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" stuck in my head. Plus I've got a big hunka gunk on "True Love Will Find You In The End". Will give it a good cleaning on the weekend and see if I can make it disappear.
  8. Should I try to buy tickets (will these be will call only)? I can't go but I'd hate to see people here shut out. Anyhow, good luck to all.
  9. Yeah, it's a shame I couldn't just order a copy of this to add to my LP preorder. Unlikely to show up in Canada.
  10. How do we generate some traffic to our site? I know! Make up a list where we insult every popular musician we can think of.
  11. In some ways, I'm sorry to hear that - in only one way really. I considered going to this show and passed it up. Now I'm really disappointed. Thanks for the review and happy to hear you enjoyed it. If he gets any closer to Ottawa (or if he even gets this close again), I'm going.
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