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  1. Nice! First time I saw UT was at Toad's the following year, as part of Michelle Shocked's Arkansas Traveler Revue. Helluva lineup for that, including the Band and Taj Mahal, too. I thought last night's show was great. Like a few others here, I was also seated in the first row of the loge, almost dead center. The sound was excellent there, and my wife definitely appreciated the view (she's not big on GA floor because she's shorter and hates when it gets jammed). "Passenger Side" and "It's Just That Simple" were the highlights for me.
  2. Well put. I was thinking the exact same thing today. My buddy and I often concede that we'll never see better shows than Irving Plaza in 1997 or the 3-plus hour Easter 2010 show at Lupo's in Providence, but then you see this run of shows with 89 different songs in three nights and realize they can still surprise and impress after 20 years.
  3. Thought last night was great. Was in front of the overhang on the floor and didn't notice too much chatter; seemed like a pretty focused and appreciative crowd to me. "Ripple" was obviously a surprise, but I'm even more surprised at no "Hoodoo Voodoo," especially with Halloween and all. Thought for sure we'd get that as an encore last night. Can't complain considering what we did get though. Definitely the most unusual Wilco setlist I've seen live, owing to their desire not to repeat. Very impressive. Great to see them so relaxed and comfortable too. I love that room and it looked lik
  4. Damn, great setlist. Kills me to be waiting until Thursday; hope to see some of these again then though. I am also interested to know the approximate start time, and especially the end time so I can plan for the train. Thanks.
  5. You will not be disappointed with Brass Tacks. I honestly think it may be the best NRBQ album to date, and I understand how ludicrous that sounds, especially given the absence of Big Al, and the fact that Terry is the only original member. But somehow, some way, he has managed to conjure all that timeless magic. I mean, several of the songs sound like they were penned by Big Al, and it's still a crack band.
  6. Yes, it is an NRBQ album. And I agree, it is awesome and essential. But I came here today to add Lucinda Williams's latest release, "Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone" to this list, and to place it at the very top for me. I pre-ordered the album and have listened to it probably close to 20 times now. It is tremendous and absolutely essential, even when compared to her already-impressive body of work.
  7. I love Hornsby and I loved the way that Jerry so clearly loved playing with him. Check the three Denver shows from December 1990. I went to all three and really loved watching Jerry and Bruce play off each other. Especially vivid is my memory of them playing Bruce's "Valley Road" at the end of the first set on the second night, with Jerry grooving and chiming in on the backing vocals with a huge ass grin on his face. Getting goosebumps right now just thinking about it again. Guess I gotta give it a spin now too...
  8. Pose or not, that Englishtown '77 show was one of my favorite boots; '77 is probably my favorite year for the Dead, period.
  9. Wow. I do believe those were my first two shows. Went with one group of friends the first night and came back raving; went back the next night with another group of friends. Don't think any of us were the same since.
  10. Which reminds me to add Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings 100 Days, 100 Nights and Give the People What They Want.
  11. "Essential" is tough to quantify imo; sticking with "excellent," off the top of my head these come to mind among the albums I own: Dylan's Time Out of Mind. Dr. John, Locked Down. Ian Hunter and the Rant Band, When I'm President. Graham Parker & the Rumour, Three Chords Good. Levon Helm, Dirt Farmer and Electric Dirt. NRBQ, Brass Tacks. James Taylor, October Road. Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Hypnotic Eye. Van Morrison, The Healing Game, Back on Top, Magic Time. Tom Waits, Bad as Me. Agree with this one, too:
  12. When I first downloaded iTunes, probably 10 years or so ago, it came with several songs that automatically appeared in my library. I liked some of them and kept them; didn't like others and deleted them. Didn't find anything offensive about that. From what I understand, Apple negotiated a deal with U2 whereby Apple purchased a copy of the new album for every iTunes library. I would not have purchased it, but I was happy to download it for free this morning. It was not in my library, but it appeared in my iTunes store account as "purchased," and I had to click on it and download it. What
  13. I scored tix right at 10 a.m. today but friends were shut out immediately again; and the tickets were all sold out when I logged back in to check after completing my purchase, around 10:02. I expect that the general sale will be much easier again. Even when it works, I find the Front Gate interface extremely awkward and unpredictable.
  14. Oh yeah, not bumming about only seeing one; just wanted it to be the last show, and now I want to do Thursday instead (also an easier night for me to make the haul, as then I only have to sleepwalk through Friday at work before leaving early for Trick-or-Treat with the kids). Will probably try for Thursday and then see if I can dump my Weds tix.
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